Cellphone not working LG model

Whats new? can’t receive or call.  How much longer is this going to go on? for the rest of my contract?  I dont even care if I dont get charged for this, I want a #)$)# phone that works when i need it

I’ll give you a NTD$10000 Sogo department store gift certificate (Sogo Co., Ltd gave me a supply full last night) if you would just STFU and stop complaining!!!


I mainly use my phone for work, when I cant get a hold of someone, I have to drive across town and back to talk to them.  That could end up taken 1/2 hour, would you as a customer want to pay for that?  So you stfu

Do you want your NTD$10000 Sogo department store gift certificate? Or… no?

There was a radio advert from Citywest.  They stated that if you were unable to send and/or receive calls with your cellphone, to simply power off the phone and power it back on again.  They stated that this would trigger their database and register your cellphone on their new system.  I have an LG Slider phone, and after I accomplished the foregoing, am now able to send and receive calls.  However, you may experience long delays between the time you click “send” to when your phone actually starts ringing the person to whom you are calling.

I tried that and did not work.  I even took the battery out

If that’s the case, I would not advance any more funding to Citywest at all but would truly look toward investing in the NTD$10000 Sogo department store gift certificate.  I honestly believe your money would go further with the gift certificate than it ever would with Citywest.

I just sent a text message to someone in Terrace, and it actually went through!! 

However I tried sending a message to someone also on the CityWest network and it wouldn’t go through.

Guess you could always make more friends in Terrace…

Some Citywest phones wont work for texting. I know mine wont.
So they have to have a new phone to recieve texts

Yep… but my friends in Terrace can’t text me back… nothing has come through. :frowning:

If your Citywest phone doesn’t work for texting (and the phone supports it) then you just need to ask them to make sure you’re in the system properly.

My cellphone didn’t work with texting either (an older Telus/Citywest one).  Last weekend, the voicemail stopped working.  After a week of no voicemail, I brought it in today, they took the numbers from it, and in a couple of hours, I had voicemail and texting.

So MiG… you were able to just go into CityWest, and tell them it wasn’t working for your voice mail and texting, and they “unlocked” it for you?  I’m not sure if unlocked is the right word, but it seems to fit.

If this is the case I’m sad CityWest isn’t open Saturdays :frowning:

Hmmm, you would think that knowing that they were having problems with the launch of their new service that perhaps it might have been an idea to actually open on Saturday and Sundays just during the break in period, you know so they could solve any customer concerns…

There’s a word for that kind of corporate behaviour, but it escapes me at the moment. 

Something called uh, customer … oh it will come to me eventually :wink:

If your phone isn’t working, just bring it in to them.  They’ll fix it up. 

They had to manually move thousands of accounts from one system to another, there are bound to be typos and errors.