Cellphone Etiquette

Common courtesy seems to have gone out the window with cellphone usage as people attempt to function in daily activity while engaged in a conversation.

This month alone, I’ve gone through a contruction zone on a three-way stop and the flagger was talking on the cellphone and waving a coffee around… we didn’t know what the hell was going on or who had the right of way! 

I went to the Dollar Store and the cashier was ringing up orders, talking to customers, answering the store phone AND talking on her cellphone. Aweful customer service, I was very insulted.

Don’t even get me started on people driving while talking on a cellphone!!  :angry:  It won’t surprise me in the near future, if it became illegal to chat & drive.

IMO cellphones have encouraged people to become even more self involved as they shut out everyone around them, in a very rude manner.  What should cellphone etiquette be for people who seem to have no common sense or consideration??

Well I do know a Lady who went out and got a cellphone but she keeps in her purse and hardly gets it when it rings . Her cat falls asleep looking at the purse and tries to figure it all out . That is beyond Etiquette , no one gets hurt .

Yep…I have a cell phone as I wanted to join the ultra fast paced media world and be in touch with everyone and I hear it ring, oh sorry, mine sings a beautiful song to me and I just listen to the song and boogey down a bit and then check to see who had the gall to bother me and shut it off!  I have come to the conclusion that I am paying for the next 2 years for a very expensive source of music that by the way only plays that one song until I figure out how to change it…Yes, I am, techno-challenged and I have an MP3 to listen to my tunes so I am not happy with this thing that intrudes on my life… I have created a monster…Help! :unamused: And, yes, my cat is also trying to figure out, what the hell is that thing? Do I qualify for the proper cell phone etiquette as I think avoidance is a plus?

If a flagger is endangering the public like that you should do the right thing and file a complaint. If a worker at a business is not giving you good service, then ask for the manager or file a complaint with the head company.

It’s just so much easier to post anonymously on a message forum when you have something to bitch about though isn’t it?

If any employee of mine uses their cell-phone at work without asking me, that’s grounds for dismissal.  Being in the customer service industry means you are there for the customer… not yourself. 

Exactly. But of course as the manager you likely won’t know it’s happening unless someone comes and complains.

CobyBear5 , you have all the right Etiquette but I don’t know if the cat will last two years staring at your phone like that , how many missed calls so far .

It’s just so much easier to post anonymously on a message forum when you have something to bitch about though isn’t it? [/quote]

Of course! I am deligating affirmitive action, any takers?? lol

Part of my point is that it’s everywhere… trying to improve cellphone etiquette in the business community would become a fulltime task.

That’s the kind of attitude that will make internet forum die!  :angry:
Of course this is the place to complain.  It’ a testing ground for ideas like “Don’t chat and drive” laws.

Our family got our first cell phone in the summer of 2005 and we just got a second one recently.  Our main use is to communicate with each other.  As a general rule don’t give out the number to anyone but people who would really need to contact us.  I’m trying my best not to become dependant on it so I don’t have it on all the time.

I agree that serving customers and using the cell phone are not compatible.  And I agree that some kind of cell phone etiquette is needed.  Here is a link:http://www.infoworld.com/articles/op/xml/00/05/26/000526opwireless.html

Being somewhat of a transient, mine is my landline wherever I end up. People have gotten entirely used to the fact that it camps on my desk or in my truck most of the time. Makes it easy to screen calls like that.

I can’t multitask worth a damn. I have to turn durn my radio when I’m parking or looking for a house address. Let alone drive with a phone! Haha

There’s two sides to the Etiquette Fence…

Some (Norwegians) think that if you don’t answer your phone or read-and-reply to your SMS instantly, regardless of how intimate the present conversation may be, then you’re being rude.

While others think that if you DO follow the abovementioned, then you are indded being rude.

It goes both ways…

about using your keyboard to type and look at a monitor ? thats multi tasking :smiley:

You can type and look at your monitor. I’m still at the looking a the keyboard and typing stage.

I always have my cell phone on me however I dont necessarily answer it.

If i dont recognize the name/number I wont answer. If I have a girl over I  put it on silent and return the call later. Oh I turn it off during movies obviously.

Other than that I will answer it wherever I am whether at work or not. My coworkers will often call me when I am out in the data center/wandering about so its quite handy.

Unfortunately I will soon be on call and will have to answer it at 3am :frowning: lets hope it doesn’t ring at  an inappropriate time.

My cell phone is on at work when it is not suppose to be too, i just leave it on vibrate. I think i text message more than i do talking on the phone. :smiley:

Tried Solomobile? You can walkie-talkie all day for $1. Used to talk to one kid in PG and another in 100 Mile until my daughter accidentally keyed me and as I’m discussing something with “The Church Lady” and BLEEEEEP! KEVIN YOU SUCK YOU SHITTY EXCUSE FOR A BROTHER FUCK RIGHT OFF AND DIE BLEEEEP!!!  blares out of my shirt pocket.

LMAO :sunglasses:

dude do you realize how much of a jackass you sound like?  all everybody does on here is post anonymously

Speak for yourself. Plenty of people know who myself and others are on this forum. I don’t pretend for a second what I say on here is anonymous. If I wanted to do that I would just create another account for that purpose as others here do. Hell, I might even get into an argument with myself just to put people off the trail. Maybe I’m really you, calling myself a jackass since getting into an argument with myself and then admitting it would really confuse people.  :astonished:

Hmm, so if you create a second, or third or fourth, identity be sure to name it Sybil…