Cell service

Anyone elses cell unable to connect to the 1x network, both my dads and mine wont. Keeps searching for service.

Just curious.

Mine too.  Plus half of my digital channels for cable

Yeah channel seven is out too…

Weird. And I can’t make long distance phone calls either, tells me “we are sorry, all circuts are busy right now please try again later”


Any weird internet problems going on?  I can’t get to any of my PLnet-hosted servers.

Not that I know of no.

But I’m not too netwise. I’m still online so no problems there.

Well since you can’t watch the hockey game and no one can phone you to tell you who won, the Flames won 2-0…

Reason number 517 why Sat TV is better than cable… :wink:

I can connect to sites outside of Rupert.  I seem to be having a lot of lag though.


My POS CityWest cel can’t connect to the 1x network.

Yeah, everything seems accessible except a bunch of servers that I know people are going to call me about at 8am tomorrow morning.

Weird, I wonder what happened.

Something’s up with Citywest’s fiber link, is my shot-in-the-dark guess.

That would explain the digital cable problems, as well as the phone problems.  I think the BC government network is over that link too, isn’t it?  Which would explain why I can’t get to PLnet sites in Rupert.

Edit:  servers are all connecting now.  How’s the cell service?

Cell service is back

Yep, just turned my cell back on.

When it searches for service, it tends to drain the battery faster.

Yeah, my cell service is back again:-)

There was no land-line service in Terrace last night as well, and none of their cell phones would connect to the network either. 

The land-line service came back around 8:30, however the cell phones took until around 9:30-9:45 to work again.

Unrelated, but just as sucky, my home phone was fixed today after 4 days of no service.

Okay, right now, only msn chat and HTMF are working for me… no other sites.  Sucky. :stuck_out_tongue:

Grrrrr cell service is out again!!

I’m also having some weird connectivity issues this am.  I can connect to HTMF just fine, but, there are some sites outside of PR that I can’t connect to.  I can check my gmail at the website, but, a lot of other sites are inaccessible. :confused:

ya same problem here :cry:

Thanks for the reply, astrothug! :smiley:
Good to know it isn’t an isolated issue.