Cell service

Im wondering if anyone with a telus phone has experienced the new service between rupert and terrace, and if so does it extend to polymar and beyond. Telus states that the service extends from 60km east of rupert more than 14km that would make it extend to past the kwinitsa boat launch to almost snow bound creek. It is likely that the service extends farther but before i purchase a telus phone or sim card, I would like to get a little info from experienced customers.


Well, I haven’t experienced it, but no other cellular company goes any further than a little past port ed, so I dont’ see what the issue is.
I have had nothing but good experiences with Telus.
I would reccomend them.

I read the article in the paper about Telus service between Terrace and Prince Rupert coming soon.
Sorry to say that there was no cell service Saturday, November 2, 2013.

A friend called me yesterday from Kwinitsa all excited about the new service on his telus phone. I wonder if a Rogers phone will work, because they don’t work on the Telus system in Hartley Bay or in Oona River.

Thanks for the replies. The article that was in the Terrace standard states that rogers customers will not be able to roam on the telus service, but bell customers will.

Rogers customers will only be able to make 911 calls.