Cell phones still echoing?

Just curious if everyone is still listening to themselves talk on their cell phones…or is it just me hearing voices LOL??? 
Anyone asked Citytel how long this is going to go on…I mean it’s been about 3 months now!!  Ya ya let the jokes fly now  :smiley:

I dont think there going to fix this problem.  You will have to get screwed over and pay for a new phone.  Mine echo’s minimum now, but it pisses me off when it does.  Or ill make a call and it will go back to the original screen as if I did nothing

One solution I found helps a bit is turning the volume down to a point where you can still hear the conversations but it cuts out the echo. Give it a try it may work for you as well.

I didn’t realize that this was as big a problem as it was until reading this thread.  I thought it was just my phone.  It seems that whenever I’m talikng with someone on my cell, there is an echo which seems to also cause a delay.  Every conversation on my phone ends up with people talking over one another because of the delay.  It’s really annoying especially since my cell is used for business calls.

I got a new phone yesterday and the echoing has decreased over my last one.

I don’t think echoing is strictly a Citywest problem. I talk to people who are using other networks out of town on my landline and I hear quite a bit of echoing typically.

Sounds like Citytel may need a better echo canceler and in all likelihood some of you probably have some fairly antiquated phones.

I am sure they will get it straightened out in a hurry.  I’m glad I didn’t get the tech job there  :sunglasses:

here i thought it was just mine, thinking i wqas going nuts , glad it isn’t just mine WHEWWWW

I use my cell for work mostly, and this lady couldn’t stop laughing because all she heard was echo…thanks Citywest…

They would not hire you anyways, your retarded. You would have no clue on what goes on, i bet they are stressed to the max with all these problems. New technology is hard to work with and hard to keep going, not easy running a cell phone business, plus internet and other stuff.

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I’m retarded? I have no clue whats going on? Funny Jason I  manage to maintain our phone system just fine. I had about 2 hours of training on it and was good to go. I have been able to fix every problem including OUR echo problem.  Funny how I managed to rely on my training and  use my understanding of telephony to learn a  new technology and make it work. Shit what a horrible  hire I would have been.

Granted our phone system is nothing compared to citytel but thats not the point. The point Is I’m a fast learner and actually quite knowledgeable in a lot of different areas.

Another task I was given at work about 8 months ago was to define the backup retention policies,include exclude lists, and  schedules for our TSM server as well as to maintain both it and our SAN. 

We are backing up about 500 nodes (~20TB of data). I’ve managed to keep the system running perfectly. In fact we’ve yet to have a failed restore.  The backup system/SAN cost over a million dollars, clearly it’d be a wise business decision to let a “retard” manage it right?

I would have been a great asset to their team and quite frankly they’d be lucky to have me.  Unfortunately for them they’re in Prince Rupert and I have no intentions of ever moving back up north.

Did I forget to mention I’ve more than doubled my salary in 2 years? I think that also might speak to my intellect.

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I think that also might speak to my intellect.[/quote]

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