Cell phones-Rogers highway coverage

Has anyone with a Rogers phone traveled the highway lately? I’m curious about how much coverage Rogers has now since they dumped all this money into the north west corridor. It is still basically coverage in and just outside the cities, or are we looking at highway coverage too?

Speaking of Rogers:

If anyone could tell me if it’s worth it to get a cell contract from them or stick with Citywest? I’ve been thinking about getting a cell, and would like to know who would be better to go to.

Hey… start your own thread, or do a search and read one of the other 6 or so on that very topic. Don’t hijack mine.

I would also like to know how great they claim this coverage is.

My parents travel from here to PG frequently in the summer. If this is as good as they claim then I would get them a pay as you go phone and they could feel somewhat safe on the road.

However if it is coverage in just each town no sense in droping citytel.

Well according to the daily snoozle (Nov. 28th) Rogers has filled in the dead zones along the highway 16 corridor.  Can anyone confirm if this story is true?

That would be the purpose of my inquiry.

I am curious about this as well.

Ya um like Dudes I was wondering If Rogers has coverage all the way to terrace … Like wow no dead zones… I remember back in the 80’s well what I remember of the 80’s was like a dead Zone… I have flashes of some crazy shit, but Im unsure if it was a dream or if it was real… But ya its all good… No dead zones too cool… :smiley:

Astro, Is this from your expierance? Can you please clarify.

Or is this a typical HTMF thread hyjack that this site succombs to on a regular bases.

I went to Terrace yesterday, and there was still the huge dead-zone in-between here and there.  But I’m with CityWest, so that was expected… and I’m no help :stuck_out_tongue:

Do they claim that there are no dead zones between Rupert and Terrace?  I didn’t think that was part of their claim, was it?  Not on their maps, anyway.  I think they meant that each town in the corridor would have service.

As for signing a contract: don’t do it.  Go to 7-11 and get the free phone deal, instead of signing a contract.  You’ll be on the Rogers network, without the weight of a contract.  Want a better phone?  Just buy a GSM phone and swap out the SIM.

Edit:  here’s the Rogers map.  They don’t claim to have the Skeena covered.  Just the towns along highway 16.

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Wasn’t hijacking anything. I apologize for even asking…

Thanks, MiG.

Hijacking threads is an honourable HTMF tradition.

As is it seems is hijacking government in Ottawa… :imp: