Cell Phone

Hey can someone tell me what kind of cell phone service should I have in Puerto Vallarta with no problems. Thanks

citywest works in PV.  Mine did anyway

Citywest does not work in Paris or Amsterdam for reason they connect to the network over there…or it could have just been my phone  :unamused:

Hey thanks. Did you just dial out like here or did you have to get activated there ???

PV probably set up a CDMA network just for tourists :smile:

Most of the world uses GSM networks.

If you want to save money, though, just buy a cheap pay-as-you-go SIM card or phone when you get there.

Is that like the 7/11 phones you talk about ??

There are two general types of cell networks, CDMA and GSM.

GSM is the world standard.  Rogers uses it in Canada (and both Bell and Telus are switching their networks as well).  Citywest is on CDMA. 

You can get very cheap pay-as-you-go phones in Mexico, just walk into any store and pick one up.  Usually about $20 or so.  Much cheaper than roaming with a Citywest phone.

Well thanks alot for the info