Cell Phone Deals?

Hello everyone, would you people happen to know if the are any hot Deals with Rogers/GSM? I was hoping to go with 7-11’s Speakout? (I believe that’s what it is called :smile:)

If I remember correctly $100 would last a whole year? That’s pretty cool, but my question is this - under which plan does this $100 last?

My current plan is the $1/day and it’s so expensive. If I were to go with the 7-11 speakout would the $100 really last at least a year?

Also, I already have a cell phone that I like would I be able to buy just the SIM card + air time?

I’m really hoping to get back with this as I couldn’t keep up with the payments before. :stuck_out_tongue:

Well how long the $100 lasts depends on useage of minutes @ .25c a minute there is extra you get as a bonus which makes it an effective rate of .20c per minute…  There is a monthly network charge of maybe a buck I am not sure, but there is no daily charge of $1.00 that is outrageous… 
I do think you will need to go with a new speak out phone… ? 
Speak out works very well for me … 

I have citywest, and rogers and speakout,

I like citywest plan better then Rogers.
But with Rogers you can mix and match I pay 60.00 a month for my Ipone, that includes 500 megs, texting, call display.

citywest is 60.00 about and everything is unlimited.

7 11 speakup plan is 130 min good for one year. .5 cents a text and 20. min for calls. This is what I use when I travel.

I have an iPhone with Speakout.  Use about about $7 - $8 per month, just a few calls, and a moderate amount of texting.

If you do decide to go with Speakout, let me know, and I’ll give you a code that will get you $10 more on your account.

I have gotten a speakout phone for one of my step-kids and it works out perfectly

as soon as my citywest contract is over this summer im dumping the phone and going speakout, and i plan to get one for my wife as well, i rarely use my cell, so i dont see the point in $60 a month

Hey, so is this true? I would have to buy a new phone? I was hoping just to get a SIM card & air time from them? (haha do I have to buy a new cell phone from 7-11 to get the air time / sim card?) omgosh

7-11 doesn’t sell SIMs separately.  You can only get a 7-11 SIM by taking it out of a 7-11 phone.

A couple of times per year, they run a deal where you get a free phone when you buy $100 of airtime.  It’s usually a Nokia 1208 or 1600 or something similarly cheap, but who cares, you just want the SIM anyway.