CD DVD Combo wont work properly

We brought in our computer into Databoy for repairs.  Now our cd dvd combo wont work property.  It wont read cd’s now?  ?? It was playing cd disks no problem before that.



thanks if anyone has any ideas or solutions.

how about going and talking to them about it? :confused:

lol. i had a friend take in laptop to get fixed.only to pay 300 bux and have it not fixed with a dvd rom supposedly to be the problem.asked for money back and laptop back after again they couldnt fix it.then they give back 100 bux refund and no dvd rom.they have since put back a dvd rom in it and still only the 100 refund.LAME

How about finding your motherboard driver disk and installing the right drivers for it?
If they reinstalled Windows they didn’t check.