CBC to bring Hockey Night in Canada to Terrace

Hockey Night in Canada is coming to Terrace, B.C. this weekend.

Or rather, Terrace will be Hockey Night in Canada.

With CBC announcing Terrace as the first of five Hockeyville finalists Sunday, activities are being planned for this weekend.

“This is a community event,â€

Kirk McLean is a cool guy to chat with.  I highly recommend it if you get the chance!

I wish the road wasn’t so bad, I’d love to go to Terrace to check this out!

yea id love to take my son to see capt kirk my son loves goalies. i loved meeting him used to go to lots of canucks games got him to sign a few cards when i was like 12 . back when the canucks were fun lol

Hmm, sounds like you and I are about the same age…

a young 33 lol

Okay, you’re a teeny bit older, but same age-ish