is anyone else out there starting to loose their sanity over all the cats in PR?

there are tons at the spca, and tons of strays, and the strays will keep multiplying to…

My dogs have been doing their best to take care of the cats - but I admit, they don’t like the wind or the rain, so they haven’t been very productive.  :wink:

All you people out there,( especially with the dogs that crap in my yard that the owners obviously watch and leave it there), please, if you don’t like the farrow cat situation make a donation to the SPCA instead of setting the dogs on them! All living creatures suffer when injured. Would you like to have your kids watch a dog kill a cat?
Its time there was some sanity in this situation, and that sanity is the SPCA! Please support it!

1.  My dogs weigh 11 and 14 pounds respectively, so their odds of actually killing a cat are very slim.  They bark and sing for cats out the living room window, and if there’s a cat in our backyard they will chase it - that’s about it.  note to self - internet needs universal sarcasm font

2.  I clean up after my dogs - so perhaps you need to have a discussion with the ‘owners that obviously watch and leave the crap there’ - not my dog means not my problem.

3.  I do not have kids, so your comment about would I let my kid watch a dog kill a cat is moot.  But no, I wouldn’t like any child to watch a dog kill a cat.

4.  I’m pretty sure you were meaning the word “feral” when you used ‘farrow’.  If more cat owners would spay and neuter their pets, I’m willing to bet that it would greatly decrease the number of ‘feral’ cats in Rupert.

5.  I do support the SPCA - more often than not there is a full cat house there, so how would you suggest dealing with all the ‘extra’ felines? 

Prince Rupert has always had a cat “problem”.

I worked at the SPCA for a long time, and it’s amazing how many feral colonies are out there, let alone abandoned domestic kitties. :frowning: It’s so sad.

All of my four cats are from there. Probably more cats than I should have, but I feel like I helped out at least a little. They’re all spayed/neutered and taken care of. :smile:

Yeah, I’ve rarely agreed with the limits on pets - sure sometimes it’s a great thing when they aren’t being taken care of, but there are people out there that are over the limit and are taking fabulous care of them (like I assume you are  :smiley: ).  I would be right there helping out with the plethora of cats in the area if my husband and I weren’t allergic to them. 

I notice NO dog crap or kitty crap around Terrace since I’ve been here.  But one problem, we do have some bear crap in our back yard.  3 nice size piles, or maybe some cat has been eating our apples and has been very busy reading a magazine outside.  :smiley:

I might have to head to Wallyworld and buy a “Super dooper pooper scooper”

If having a ton of cats around town is a problem, then I don’t want to be part of the solution.

The city really needs to do something about all the cats here, maybe everyone should think about that when voting for the members of council… :stuck_out_tongue: Although the only real solution i see is to humanely euthanize many of them and fix the friendly ones, but those one are still going to be bagging for food at peoples houses. But the city needs to put some money aside to do this, but they are too busy giving random peoples wifes jobs and such…! And the SPCA is really full right now too …i beleive they have like 90 cats and kittens in the shelter, which is crazy! Although really i dont think they should have to pay for the housing and of the cities problem, considering they are non profit organization!

There is at least one woman who has been feeding cats in a number of areas in town. She must be stopped somehow. To those bleeding hearts who say just leave her alone or that I should adopt theses cats I say: ARE YOU OUT OF YOUR FREAKING MIND! This does nothing to rectify the problem. We need to deal with people who are irresposibly adding to the problem and that woman needs to be fined right now. … #msg112999

Whatever happened to the ol’ cardboard box and pond method of population control? 

It went out of style with poodle skirts…

And it’s definitely not humane!

Of course it’s not humane, that’s why you do it to cats!

Says one of the biggest cat lovers in Prince Rupert!

It’s true. Eso loves his pussies.