Cats, cats and more cats!

This one woman is responsible for a cat explosion on Fraser Street. Three litters on the go and two more coming. She must be STOPPED!

Who do I send these photos to to get this woman fined.

I’ve tried the nice guy route, and this woman just lies through her teeth about feeding the cats under the Prince Rupert Native Revival Centre.

Every time she leaves food out, I throw it away. It’s costing her and it should cost her more to encourage her to stop.

If she wants to feed the cats, we could catch every last one of them for her to mother. I’m sick and tired of them yowling outside my window in the early morning.

End of rant…

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Leave her alone.  If you don’t like it, then spend your money to get the cats fixed.

Put a feline-specific poison in the food after she puts it there. It is probably not illegal to feed them, since they aren’t really wildlife, and they aren’t dangerous either. But then it’s not illegal to kill them either.

Do you guys have FTC2 there? Or something like it? We use that here all the time. It gets rid of feral cats, but is harmless to native species. The humane society is ok with it too, since it kills humanely.

You’re new here Princess, so you wouldn’t understand the ferral cat problems. Most of those cats are wild, I bet you wouldn’t be able to aproach even one of them. People like her are just adding to the problem. They’re wild, they can fend for themselves.

If she really wants to help them, she should try to take them in. Tsk. All of this after the tonnes of publicity the ferral cat issue has been getting recently.

You really want PETA after you, don’t you, ontario.

No Princess, I will not leave her alone. What she’s doing IS illegal … not to mention, immoral, and unhealthy. Feral cat populations carry all kinds of diseases that other pets come into contact with.

leave the woman alone.if u get rid of all the cats u eventually get mice maybe even rats.

Regardless of what type of pest it is, they’re all going to have some form of disease that we don’t want our household pest to be around.

There really isn’t any reason to feed those cats, they can fend for themselves, and most certainly, do. If they couldn’t, they wouldn’t be thriving.  :smiley:

whats wrong with wild cats anyways?

Send one of the kits my way!

The SPCA has a plethora of pusses. So many that they won’t take any of the feral ones. Get down there right away Princess and they’ll be glad to hand one over.

They hand them over for a price.  And there is no advantage of getting a cat from the SPCA here over getting a free one.  The only vet here doesn’t give any sort of discount to the SPCA for altering the animals, which doesn’t give me any incentive to get the cat from the SPCA, as I would have to go to the local vet and have no other options.  Where I’m from, they’ve worked it out so that it ends up being CHEAPER to get a cat from the SPCA than it would be to get a “free” kitten.

if it were not for feral cats i would have not gotten my pip
a little bit of trouble at the start but great now!

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Ha ha, that’s so killer.

Funny thing though, I was thinking of calling my next cat “pip”.  Of course, it would have to “fit” the cat, but it is a name on my list.

his full name is pippin but pimpin is what small children call him so we just call him pip

The cats at the SPCA get fixed, vaccinated atleast two times and dewormed. Its only 110$ for a male cat, and 120$ for a female, more for a kitten because they need to be vaccinated more. It ends up costing less then getting a random stray from the street. And it is illegal to poison any food.

It is cheaper to get a cat from the SPCA as opposed to getting a “free” cat.
The SPCA makes sure the animal does not leave the shelter unaltered, and most of what the adoption fee covers is the actual neutering/spaying of the animal.
The animals are vaccinated, looked over and taken care of before going to a home.
All of my four cats are from an SPCA, and I would encourage anyone who is looking to get a pet to go and look there first.

My two dogs on the other hand, I did not get at an SPCA, and it cost at least double the amount of money to alter, vaccinate and the whole nine yards for a “free” pet.

Are you serious? Since when has poisoning any animal been considered humane?

The city should consider organizing some sort of fund to help spay/neuter feral cats.
It’s been a huge issue for years, and nothing has been done to resolve the problem.
Maybe they should have thought about putting money elsewhere before giving staff
a raise on an already well paid job. Three workers mowing a ten foot grass area…that is what we are giving a raise to, and having our property taxes raised for. What a joke of a city.

The local vet refuses to alter any cats under 6 months old, so lots of cats leave the shelter unaltered.  And the vet in Rupert doesn’t offer ANY discount to the SPCA (unlike vets in Nanaimo, where I moved from), so getting a “free” cat and getting it altered on my own time, and getting its shots would cost a tiny bit less than getting it from the Rupert SPCA.  I’ve already checked with them there.  I’ve been there to look at cats a few times.  (I’m only interested in kittens because I have a grumpy older cat who will only “accept” kittens and not other adult cats.)

They leave the shelter unaltered with an agreement to get them fixed when they are old enough. I’ve gone through the process of adopting a kitten recently. And to me it just makes sense to do it through the spca.

Boo Radley got all his shots, was dewormed and when he was old enough he got neutered and tattooed. All that for a one time price.

I paid $100 each for 2 kittens from the SPCA, and that included de-worming, spaying, shots, etc…

I’m fairly certain that the SPCA is losing money in that transaction.

I paid 75 bucks for my dog to get it out of the pound (it used to be my old roommates). He still needs his shots, neutering and a vet checkup so ill probably end up dropping another 200 bucks. 

When I bought my ex a cat from the SPCA his first set of shots was “free” as was the neutering.  The SPCA fee was 125 bucks.

Really it’s irrelevant to me how much it costs as I generally support the SPCA.

Dogs from the SPCA here are 175.00.

Except in this instance: … n-dog.html