Cat refuses to go outside

Any advice on my cat’s situation is greatly appreciated.
My cat is 4yrs old.  She has been an in/out door cat since we found her. Lately she has been refusing to go outside.  Yesterday she used our basement carpet as a bathroom. (number 2 I might add). I put her outside and no sooner that one  minute later she was crying bloody murder to come in.  I have been making an effort to put her outside but she runs away and tries to squirm out of my arms.  When I do get her out she immediatley cries to come in.

Any ideas why she is acting this way?

Could be a number of reason, but most likly  she has had some sort of tramatic event happen to her outside. Like being chased by a preditor  a dog,racoons, porupine, wolf, cougar or other dominent male cat.
It could becouse of the weather, is she fixed ? whats her age ?
Its winter its cold out, windy, more snow.

She is fixed. She doesn’t like the snow and I never leave her out for more than 20 minutes when it’s cold.  Being chased by a another animal is a great point. Is it normal for a cat to use it’s own territory as a bathroom?

Tell her that if she goes out and may get lost , there is this real kind lady who I know , she just loves feeding little Kitty cat . But she may have to deal with a few other kitty cats . I remember when I first got fixed , I hated going out aas well and I still hate the snow .

It is a CAT. You don’t make them do anything. There’s something nasty outside, a coyote or this cold wet snow or something.
Cats are only happy if they’re eating sardines while laying on your pillow.

yea im glad that cat shit on your floor rather than someones garden.  ha ha ! theres the advice you were looking for.

Thanks, problem solved :stuck_out_tongue:

I really do not believe that you should have a pet , first you lost your dog with the sweater and then you try to force your Kitty to get out . I hope you do not have a bird  . Just joking , I think .

I like cats between two pieces of bread. With cheese and mayo.

That’s sick, you sicko!  You need some hot sauce in there at least!