Cat found 10 days ago

found about 10 days ago near the Rupert Hotel.
Love her and plan to keep her, but if owner could be found that would be best.

took ya long enough to post that!  lol…well, i have seen posters for missing cat but not matching that description.  You are spoiling her so she won’t go home!  SPCA had 74 cats last week so I am glad you are giving her a home and not adding to that population.  They only had 4 dogs though. 

That is one beautiful cat and it looks as if it will be settling very well. That is very good of you to offer up that seat for that beauty.

Yeah she is a great cat, now I am considering a move into a bigger space, as apartments without outside access are not good for cats…  I just did not have the heart to add her to the population at the SPCA.  As much as I love cats I wish the SPCA still put them down after a time…  I also know a place on the east coast where the community gives people with low incomes support with pet supplies if they want to take a cat…  They were able to reduce use of their SPCA and it is now volunteer organization by doing so. 

She is beautiful and spoiled as she should be !  Have you named her yet? The SPCA does put down ones that are sick or unmanageable but they try to adopt or foster them out.  If you need catfood, sometimes the food bank has some, I think.

Thank You for that,  I don’t need help with cat food, just wish the support was there for people with low incomes wanting one of those many cats at the SPCA. Good to know for those that need it that the food bank has some… 

A puss with attitude  :smiley:  She’s gorgeous and thank you for taking her in and giving her a loving home! Sweeeeeet  :smiley:

Rupertguy, you say cats without access to the outside isn’t good but how do you prevent them from getting attacked by dogs, hit by cars, fighting with other cats, getting lost etc if they roam outside?  I always thought a cat indoors was safer than the ones outdoors and none of the indoor cats i have known seem to be missing anything.  I don’t have a cat so i am unable to answer the questions, what do other cat owners think?  I think its fine you are moving to a bigger place but if its just for the cat i wonder if you have too.

I wish the SPCA could allow people with low income to adopt a cat for less or even free.  Most people, even those on low income can afford to feed a cat but can’t afford the adoption fees.  The benefit of having a loving animal in your life is huge, its good for the heart!  I know several lower income people who would really benefit from a cat in their life. 

Thanks for that, I just feel sometimes she does not have enough running space here.
Maybe in the country but yeah town cats are likely better off in doors… 
Yes, It’s the adoption fees and vet costs that make it too costly for low income people to have a cats.  Wednesday is two weeks since my friend brought her :smile: :smiley: here and she seems very content…

Hi there rupertguy  :smiley:  This topic will likely cause a firestorm as the idea of having a strictly indoor cat to some members here is absurd but I could not disagree more.  My cats have always been indoor or if I have on occasion taken one outside it was wearing a harness (it was a huge cat!!) and believe it or not would cry to come in to use his litter box.  My cats are healthy, loved, playful and most of all SAFE. I live in a small apartment but my cat has lots of toys, access to the windows,catnip and wherever she wants to sleep.  She will not need to worry about the great outdoors and its’ horrors and she is a happy girl !  I have always encouraged cat owners to please keep their cats inside and I am usually tarred and feathered for my opinion.  So, I guess I will wait for the abuse to begin  :unamused:

I’m fine with whatever you choose codybear. But to say that it’s bad for cats to be outdoors is what got me…

My cats LOVE the outdoors. My newest cat used to be an indoor cat, she loves to go out on our deck and roll around. Both of them never stray far out of our yard.

The idea of a strictly outdoor cat baffles me though. What’s the point? Same with dogs. but they could be guard dogs. You’d be hard pressed to find a guard cat though. LOL

No. I cannot see having a cat that is strictly out door.  Never sure what this cat was used to before…  I always hated litter boxes but the litters you buy mask odours fairly well. 
The other debate besides whether a cat should be just in door is:
Food Wet or Dry?  I give her mainly dry food with about a 1/3 of a small can of wet per day… 
What do others feed their cats?

There are some great litters out there especially one by Truly from Zellers and Arm & Hammer for multiple cats. They are both good products and I always sprinkle the Arm & Hammer Litter box Deodorizer over the top when I clean it and no problems at all !  I feed mine 1/2 can of wet in the morning but leave her dry all day for her to pick on and a bowl of water, never milk ! She gets Temptation treats too but only if she does a trick, well, sort of a trick  :smiley:

Dang it, thought i just posted a good response to outdoor/indoor debate and Rupertguy, so long as you give your new cat medical attention, food, a bed, play, and lots of love he will thrive indoors.  Not every cat has the luxury of back decks and they do love the outdoors but consider the other…being chased by dogs and wild cats, hit by cars etc…so you are doing just fine.  I think your new cat likes both wet and dry, if only dry they need more water is all.  Here is a blurb for ya…ha haha
Whole Prey
"The best diet for cats consists of exactly what they would eat in the wild – whole prey. Some people purchase live mice for their cats to kill and eat, or buy frozen mice to feed to their cats. Other prey animals, such as birds and insects, should occasionally be included in a whole prey diet. This is by far the most nutritionally appropriate diet, but not realistic for most cat owners."
I think you will continue with the purchased package food, but remember, they need meat so any food you buy should contain meat, not meat by-products…this is your new baby and you can afford to spoil her!!!

Our critters get a wet/dry combo for dinner, and I usually fill the bowls for dogs/cats in the morning with dry food.  I have one cat that eats dog food- shes weird. 
If I’m busy with the kids and take too long to get the wet food out the little dog jumps at my legs and the cats bite my ankles!! I try to have them fed by 5:30 to avoid scarring :smiley:  I’ve known people who only feed their cats dry food, I used to have a cat that wouldnt eat wet food, i think its just what the owner prefers.  Wet food keeps their coats shiny and healthy though!

Just trying to make sure she is having a good transition to a new home.  I will never have a child and this is my first cat…
you convinced me indoor only is okay…  :smile:  I just like to hear what others think esp regarding food… 

My one cat eats mostly dry, but likes to steal the other cats wet food. She doesn’t eat it, she just licks the gravy off of it. Weirdo… The older cat has trouble crunching the crunchies so he gets a can of wet food a day. usually spread out morning and night. He’s 22 years old, and this is his retirement home, so to speak, so he deserves it. 

wow 22 years old if this one was to be around that long I will be 70… :smile:
Is the wet food can a small or large can? 

We usually buy the large cans. But a small can is fine too. Sometimes we buy the small ones. Really it’s up to your cat. If she likes it, then keep giving it to her.

The old cat gets crotchety if we don’t feed him on time, it’s kind of funny.

My cat has her “weirdness” also :smiley:  Will NOT eat the pate type wet food, only the flaked or chunky kind like Fancy Feast, that’s OK but the really strange part is if I happen to run out one night and try and feed her some “human” canned tuna as the tuna catfood is her fave, she turns her nose up at it and walks away !  Cats and their uniqueness  :smiley:  Gotta love 'em though !  Good luck with your kitty and keep us posted !  What have you named her?