Casino Trouble

I’m glad to see Rupert moving up with the times. A casino in place of the Legion just makes me sick. I know of so many people’s ashe’s strewn out back and can only see bad karma for this casino. The town has not picked up that good yet. I know we have great things to come but I also know of addiction. In the end we all will be losers. I can see people on welfare or low income trying to double their money only to leave the casino broke and depressed. Like any addiction gambling is at the top with suicide rates. A year ago I met a lady in Edmonton, her and her husband had worked hard most of their life. They had just sold there home and decied they wanted to retire some place in the Country. Pat was board one night and off she went to Chance’s. The next day when I seen her she was so elated that she had won $3,000 on a slot machine,jokingly I said I bet you can’t do that again. Within six weeks Pat had spent over $100,000 yes one hundred thousand it became her daily routine trying to get  some money back. When the mover’s came to the house Pat was no where to be found her husband was frantic with worry after 3 day’s he was to find out on the news that an unidentified woman was found hanging in the park. Sadly it was Pat. This is only one story of thousands I’m sure of what any addiction can do. So please beware there is only one winner when it comes to gambling and it wont be you.

Ah so you were the one that pushed her over the edge.  Kidding.

BTW…casino > community gaming center.

It’s tough to hear about people that can’t fight their way back from being addicted to things like this, but a person’s willpower does have to be taken into account.  You can’t say ‘casino’s are bad because people get addicted and end up losing everything’.  Sure that happens, but there is an accountability on the part of the addictee (word?) that has to be considered.  You don’t see too many people getting dragged, kicking and screaming, into a gaming center.  Maybe dragged out, but never dragged in.

hey dont bust our chill, we’re revitalizing the downtown core !!

And your point is…

We already have this problem in town.

I am actually looking forward to the casino opening, because then we wont have to go to Bogies to watch the bands that come to town. I heard that there is going to be a place in the “community gamming center” that will host the bands.

Just because you may have a problem dose’t meen the rest of us do.  Go Keno go

An adiciton to gambling is just like been an a alocoholic or a drug adict, it is something that you can stopp no matter what, so to have anther thing coming into town to ruin peoples is dumb the city is just in it for the money its going to bring they dont care about peoples lives .
I for one am addictted to gambling and it has cost me alot, but i still do why it is a addiction and and something i have tried to quit on many occassions but still gamble. So for those that dont have an addiciton and can stop I am Glad for you

We are all addicted to somthing. Drinking, smoking, Posting stupid sh!t on HTMF about personal problems, etc… Wake up and smell the coffee cause there are lots of ways to break habbits.      Best of LUCK too you.

i wouldn’t worry about that place…at the rate the construction is going it will be an olympic opening, plus when it does open, it will probably just fall apart

dude - sucks your an addict, but putting a gaming centre in rupert, doesn’t mean lives are going to be ruined.  Its not the owner’s, nor the community’s fault if people become addicited to gambling, sure there will be the few morons (no offense) that have no self control, but why should the rest of us suffer?  The majority of people in this community are better than that.  And for those that are addicits, or do become so - don;t worry our taxdollars will make it all better.

Well this is towards the Unknown problem of how he or she looks at the unknown word addiction , so just because some are already addicts or they may become addicts . So since you do not seem to care about the life of addiction or addicts , are you going to be affected when someone comes up behind you and demands something of you , B&E’s your house , right this should not affect you . If your neighbour or relative jumps , hangs or maybe in your house doing the B&E . Not a problem . This is a health issue , it must be treated as such . Grab a hold of some reality and admit it , this will make the wrong people rich , some will be or become addicts , just like the rest of the shit in this town  put your blinders on like the local politicans. Sorry about that but what you say is Crap .

to say a casino wont affect gambling addicts, and there are lots of them is just plain stupid. so are the comments about freewill and this “they choose it,and it doesnt affect me so who cares” is b.s. . while i dont have the gambling bug i have all the others, and it isnt fun. it certainly isnt something i want to do and i would assume its probably the same for gambling addicts.  not only do casinos prey on those type of customers, they depend on them. its the same for heroin dealers, they depend on their addicted customers to earn their living, if you can call it that. im not sure how those of you defending casinos are able to see that as different, its the same damn thing. the majority of people will be fine but there will be a percentage that will find it so compulsive of a rush they cannot stop, even when its hurting them. its about ten percent of all who try it. if any illness took out a thousand people out of a pool of ten thousand it would be considered a federal emergency. this same government gets their cut of those profits so they allow it, and its the same with alcohol. drugs are illegal so they dont get their cut, these are the real criminals they will say. now on the other side, people gamble all the time anyways, look at all the lotteries. we have bingo palaces here and the guy who runs the pawn shop says the majority of people pawning their property are not the druggies, its mostly for money to play bingo. the biggest gambling losses im aware of happened at private poker games of which there is every day of the week so this gambling is nothing new to prince rupert and it will be mostly the same people in these private games that you will find at the casino losing their shirts. alcoholics are about ten percent of all drinkers but that didnt call for a closing of all bars, clubs and liquor stores and we wouldnt want them to. they tried that before and it just made bad guys wealthy, like the current narcotics trade. to not build a casino to prevent gambling addicts is not going to work, they will find another place to do it . making drugs illegal has done nothing to eliminate them, as prohibition did nothing to curb alcoholism. to ban to protect is a bad approach to these types of problems, and blaming people for an addiction is also the wrong approach. i would like to hear someone say the next time a relative has a heart attack say “serves them right for eating all those calories damn it, why cant they eat like the rest of us”. no medical help for fatties cause it serves them right. nobody asks to have tim hortons closed due to societies porkers, whom are are killing our medical system with medical treatments to keep them alive. and then there is the smokers…i think it would be better if some here were maybe a little less idealistic and a little more educated. you know who you are…chris

In that poorly formatted block of text, did you say that you are not in favour of the gaming center, but you also think that prohibition of drugs or alcohol is ineffective?

So should we outlaw everything, and consume on the sneak, or allow vices, and deal with the consequences openly?

Or is gaming a different thing entirely from booze or drugs?

ChrisJ, if you won’t take the time and put in the effort to make your posts readable I won’t take the time or put in the effort to read them.

  1. Punctuation
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You probably have some decent thoughts in that post. Too bad it too painful to read them.

Good points.

Without trying to start a flame war, why should the rest of us do without because of those that cannot control their impulses and addictions?  We may as well completely outlaw gambling, sex, alcohol and cigarettes.  All can create hardship, destroy families or harm ones health if addictions aren’t controlled.

I think education is key, especially with those who may find themselves “addicted” to gaming.  On a personal level, whenever I’ve gone to various casino’s, I take a bank roll with me and carry very few rules.  Rule Number One:  Do NOT exceed your bankroll.  Its that simple.

I love slots and I’ll tell you how “I” do it.  I take my bankroll to the casino and say to myself that I am not going to win nor lose but use this bankroll more as entertainment for the evening.  I tell myself that I am not going to gamble with it, but rather play with it.  When the bankroll runs out, the entertainment for the evening has too.  I’m never in a rush to make money at any casino, especially at slot machines.  After several years, I can tell pretty soon in the ‘fun’, if I have a cold machine too.  When that happens, I chose another.

I am sad to learn that this casino coming to Rupert will not have table games because I adore craps.  I have a sure system for field bets and truly enjoy saying “press the eight”, “press the six” and toss a single for a “hard ten”.  Truly an amazing game.  Again, remembering the bank roll rule.

I have a club members card for the casino here and urge anyone who does go to the casino here, to get themselves one.  Comps are nice to get as the casino’s token of appreciation.

Also, and I like this part, if you strongly feel that you are an addict and would like to be barred from playing in the casino, you can register with them and security will escort you out, should they find you anywhere on their circuit monitors throughout the casino.  You will have to be photographed into their data system, but its a sure way to keep you out, if you are a problemed person with gambling issues.

I might be applying at the casino as a hopper.  I’m still in debate with myself regarding hours though.

I think I am going to enjoy attending the new facility.  Anyone hear if they are open 24-7?

Aren’t casinos always open 24/7?  Even if it’s just a gaming centre… I could presume it will be open 24/7.  Unless those anti-gaming people get their way, and restrict the hours somehow.

hankaspanka wanna give me a bankroll to entertain me for a few hours once it opens??  :laughing:

The Edgewater Casino in Vancouver was closed for a few hours when I was there last.  It was like they were closed from 4-6am, or something like that, which is MY BEST TIME TO PLAY.

Oh my goodness, I would truly love to give you bankroll to have an evening out with you at the casino.  I think you’d be a lot of fun ‘and’ entertainment.  Right up my alley. :wink:

When does this casino open… anyone know yet?

The only gambling I’ll let myself do is slots… and boy do I ever suck at them :frowning:  We just stayed at the RiverRock for 2 nights and I lost $20 each night in less than 5 minutes. 

I wish I was as lucky as you hankaspanka when I’m just playing the slots to entertain myself :smiley:

I vow to take you out, seriously.  I can also give you a few tips (like playing the maximum to net you the highest wins), etc.  It will be fun AND entertaining, I promise.  I just hope I’m in town when they open.  It will be an enjoyable night. :smile:

I net this with a single bankroll, while at the two casino’s in Vancouver.  Sadly, the casino wouldn’t allow cameras into their casinos, so I had to take my chips outside to photograph my winnings.  These winnings were solely from craps, and was truly a ton of fun both nights.

I must state that this was a result of two GOOD nights… two exceptionally good nights.  The tables were hot and the max table bet was $500.

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