Carving Shed

When the hell are the Big Wigs from the museum going to settle this thing with the carving shed? We have some great carvers waiting to do their stuff and get on with their special gifts they all have. I was speaking with Mr. Green yesterday at Tim’s and they will be looking for our support in the very near future. Sure is going to be a boring trip for tourists this coming year or summer, Atlin looking very empty and then stopping these First Nation Artist from doing what they do better.…the land of the lost…need I say more

I dunno what’s worse, the rick-roll, or spoiling the URL with all those …s

Ah your forgetting what should be the highlight of the tourist season this year, the scavenger hunt at the Inlander. not much progress in the ole demolition happening there may as well make it a tourist attraction.

Leave the place up until the end of October and we can have a great haunted house. :imp:

LMAO! Settle what exactly? You can’t settle a pissing contest?

So true.  :stuck_out_tongue: