Good ol’ X3.

Speaking of cars… Some dude in a 3rd gen Firebird ripped out infront of me on HWY 16 near Houston and sped off down the highway. Usually it’s nice to have an uber-speeder leading the way at night, but his warpdrive VS the amount of steaming carcuses and skid marks that led into dried up blood pools kept me on edge enough to keep a slower pace. Anyways, I bumped into him at the Fraser Lake Chevron ($1.08x/L) and the F-car turned out to be an Eso-Gen 4cyl Sunbird. Similar tail lights / side markers as my car though. Pretty funny guy actually, I guess he was in between mill shifts. So, I have new respect for Jbodies of that vintage because had I mateched his speed I would have run out of gas miles and miles before Fraser Lake.

So, that’s significant only to Eso and I…

Moving on, a Westfalia van outside of Morristown burst into flames about a minute after I pulled over to see what was up. One semi and a pickup had stopped already and some people were running around what looked to be a small brush fire on the side of the road… I guess they were attempting to extinguish and save personal items from the van before it went up in flames. Nobody was hurt, but man did that thing ever burn fast… From a small fire inside, to a flaming, glass shattering, tire burning inferno withing a couple minutes. I watched for a good 15-25 minutes before moving on.

Sadly no camera on this trip.

I R in PG now and it is COLD!

Lando, how long you in PG for? If you’re here the weekend you should get ahold of me! There’s a power hour Saturday night at Steamers, including free appies afterward.


I R in PG now and it is COLD![/quote]

Ha ha Get Used to it.

Speaking of Prince George I will be passign through there in about a week or two. On my way to pickup my car :smiley: shes all better now… for now

There are a number of powerplant options that it might have had, if it was a Sunbird of the same body style as my old one.

You said it was moving along at a good clip, which rules out the 2.0 OHC (which I had).

It could have been a 2.0L turbo, or a 2.8/3.1L V6 (which had been available in Cavaliers since 1984, and finally were put onto the Pontiac sibling in 1990).

Yeah, so that’s only significant to Eso and… oh… :frowning: