Carnival in Terrace this summer?

Does any one know if the Carnival is going to be in Terrace this summer?

end of Aug I think…

West Coast Amusements has a website. Unfortunately, no 2009 schedule but there is a “contact us” link so you can ask via e-mail.

Ok thanks I will do that.

If I am not mistaken West Coast Amusements dropped Rupert a few years ago and we are now down to one spring carnival per year.

Is this correct?

city requested it, as it has too much wear and tear at the civic center parking lot…

And HTMF couldn’t handle another “fight at the carnival” thread.

wca isnt the other one that came b4 it was twinkling star amusements not even worth going small and fewer rides

LOL, but think of the opportunities it would provide for budding film makers… :astonished: