Careful when you ground your kids

I think its crazy the courts even got involved

This is a joke, right?

I sure hope it is.

It’s not. Hopefully the father will appeal it because it sets a horrible precedence.

Not a joke, Your tax dollars at work(Court Costs)  :unamused:
Also, CrazyMike is right, I hope the father does appeal, This case could have serious repercussions about how we raise our children.

I totally agree with redhotpoker. This is absolutely ridculous!! It is sending mixed messages to our children! that we really have no parental control over our children! I think they should have just not excepted this file into the courts system… its not like its flooded with soo many other things already!

Apparently, there’s a little more to the story…

The parents are going through a nasty divorce, and the dad got custody.  The mom encouraged the daughter to take the father to court when he grounded her.

Divorce or not, the simple fact that the courts took on something so trivial is just so unbelievable.

It takes the control away from the parents completely. Just like the whole spanking taboo thing. If I had a child, and he or she was throwing a temper tantrum in the middle of a department store, I should be able to smack him on the butt and pull him out of the store.

Wasn’t there a South Park episode similar to that situation? I dunno, it seems vaguely familiar.

There must be a good reason the father got custody in the first place.
Any mother that would manipulate a 12 year old to go to court over a grounding to get back at the father has a lot to learn about responsible parenthood.

What is this little girl going to learn in all of the mess? Nothing.

Remember the well stated advice:

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It’s really sad, what lengths some women will go to. :unamused:

I’m not perfect, but I’d never sink that low.

Thats what they all say. Next thing you know they are out the door with your booze, furniture, wallet and cat. All they leave you is the bills.

I beg to differ, there many mean women out there but there are many very caring ladies as well.

I’m not going to disagree but the problem is they’re generally lacking in the looks department. 

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Men are not saints either…take my word for it.

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Wow… A Supreme Court Justice ruling that “it’s not FAAIIIRRRR!”

Come on.

Damn, Seems like its all bad

Unfortunately all too often the children in a divorce are used as pawns. I have been witness to both mothers and fathers using the kids to needle the ex.

In situations where one divorced parent has ‘rules that must be followed’ and the other has a ‘do as you please’ attitude towards child rearing all to often the child doesn’t make the right choice due to underdeveloped ego and super ego. In the end the child ends up being the one who loses the most.

I’m sure that we all have been witness to similar a scenario. Truly sad for the 12 year old in this case. For the courts to support this behavior is even worse.