Carcasses on Wantage Road

Whats with the moose and/or deer carcasses on Wantage Road? I walk this road on a daily basis and generaly do not encounter wolves. However, whenever garbage, in particular, carcasses are dumped along the road wolf encounters occur. Most of the time the wolves have fled. The wolves, and other wildlife, are attracted by the smell and the prospects of food. The wolves eventually wander into the city looking for more and end up getting a bad rap for taking someones pet.

Why are hunters dumping their catch on this road? Can they not afford to pay the landfill?

Is there something that can be done to stop the constant dumping occuring on this road? can access be restricted to foot traffic, atv’s, dirt bikes and snowmobiles?

I wish it could be stopped also, they have been doing this for years and it is not just the animal carcasses, it’s old cars, car parts, fridges, whatever will fit in the back of a pickup truck.  No respect.  It’s disgusting and in such a beautiful area.  We can always bring it to City Council… :unamused:

It could be stopped pretty easily by putting a gate across the road after the fish hatchery - that would curtail the garbage-dumpers and the moose-carcass dumpers, but also screw the people who use that area for recreation. 

I was standing at the bottom of the Kiwanis trail last spring with a group of friends when a pickup truck with an old couch in the back drove past, headed up the road towards the mountain.  We were all quite suspicious, so we hung around, and sure enough, five minutes later, back comes the truck, sans couch.  We wrote down the license plate and gave it to both the RCMP and the municipality, but never heard a thing about it after that.  It was very disheartening.  All the times I’ve cursed the losers who huck their crap in the bushes, and this one time we actually catch the guy in the act, nothing comes of it. 

How about a webcam, like the one used to watch the herons in Moresby?  It would be pretty easy to spot the vehicle that goes up with the moose in the truck bed, and comes back without it. :smile:

I’ve reported license plate numbers of dumpers on wantage…garbage never moved so I assume it was pointless to bother reporting it.  If you see it - take a picture, post it here on in the newspaper, or even on the PR facebook page and embarass the losers who are too fricken cheap and lazy to go to the landfill.  Theses people deserve to be humilated in front of their friends/family/co-workers…maybe in doing so it will discourage other dumpers. I will next time i see it  :smiley:

I have also driven out there and was not happy with what I saw, the garbage is so bad there, Just for the record thou, no point and taking this to the city as a few years ago we had paid for a new fridge and stove, We were talking to one of the city workers about it , and this is what he told us, take it out to wantage road drop it there and we will pick it up from there, I said are you nuts, we were told it only cost 20 dollars, and it comes out of your land taxes. so when the city workers are telling people to do this it is them that is causing the pill up out this day I still have my papers from the recyling depo. this way it will not come back at me, having someone say i dropped it were i was told to…so I bet alot of what is out there is from the city workers them selves. also I do no the person that told us to do this…this person works right at the landfill …

If you see it - take a picture, post it here on in the newspaper, or even on the PR facebook page and embarass the losers who are too fricken cheap and lazy to go to the landfill.  Theses people deserve to be humilated in front of their friends/family/co-workers…maybe in doing so it will discourage other dumpers. I will next time i see it  :smiley: [/quote]

From another time, in another town…

A friend and I on a backroad heard a truck unloading. She grabbed her camera (which had no film in it) and started hollering at them while (pretending to) take photos. I have never seen two guys load garbage back into the truck so quickly.

Yes, but the guys unloading a carcus pack guns. lol

My bear spray is 7.62mm as well.

Just kidding, don’t confront armed people. Call the police.

I do agree that taking a photo or video and posting it online is a good idea. Just don’t do anything that would put you in danger. 

In my experience installing a gate does not work as it usually gets rammed or winched by a truck or other vehicle. Signs have been erected but they have also been rammed over.
This road gives access to a wonderful recreational area which is used by many.  I think that all user groups of the road and mountain should form some kinda group that would approach the city and other owners of the area to develope a management plan for the area. This is our backyard and we should do something about it.

Perhaps a gate that would allow access for the hikers, skiers, and dirtbikers is a good compromise.  All I know is that I’ve volunteered to pick up other people’s crap enough times.  Maybe a little prevention in the form of a nice sturdy barricade is now the way to go.  Has it been tried?  Not in my lifetime.  I agree that it’s a great rec area, but it looks terrible. 

Don’t the Citywest fellas still need access to the towers or do they “fly” in now? A good cement barricade would be a great idea just beyond the hatchery.

I like to drive up the mountian thanks. LOL.  :unamused:

Seriously though… Maybe a Wantage Road cleanup crew is in order?
Barricades are lame…

Give those that need access a key, and barriers might be lame, but I have been part of the Wantage Road cleanup crew enough times to become a fan. 

You’re basically saying bar access to public if you’re going to be giving out keys…

a camera is the best option . low maintenance and still gives people access. sounds like a good funraiser  :smiley:

Well, if it could be set up so people can get their dirt bikes or quads past the gate but not the trucks, that would be ideal.  I mean, I would be disappointed not to be able to drive to the top of the mountain as the whim strikes me, but I walk along there more often than I drive, and I’m tired of seeing the junk in the bushes and on the side of the road.


You don’t think that if they really wanted to, they couldn’t get through a gate???

A camera is the best soloution to me…
And then some sort of public embarassment, having it broadcasted online somewhere or something like that.

I think that is a good idea also. Have a public showing at the government office when they go to renew their licence or whatnot. Shame, shame. What happens though when they find the camera, I guess we’ll see that on the side of the road too. :imp:

Roll your eyes at me!!! :astonished:

Listen, with the right tools, I’m sure anyone could make their way through any impediment.  I don’t think that road has been gated in my lifetime, however.  Why not try it and see how things go.

Though I suppose if they did, you’d be out there with your bolt-cutters and your big ol’ truck just to prove me wrong.  :wink: