Car stereo for sale

mp3 deck and 2 6x9’s… question for details… at work cant type for long.

It’s a panisonic mp3 deck 50 watts x 4 channels includes remote, and has removable face plate. The 6x9’s are 2 way 200 watt pioneers. Only 3 months old… still like new. $350 value, asking for $150.

good deal… why you getting rid of them for so cheap?

car broke down, and i need to pay for it to get towed and crushed. tow and crush is $150 so i will settle for no less

I think I have that deck. Its pretty good, aside the face it has a blue screen that is distracting driving at night and it takes forever to load an mp3 cd. Good deal other than that.

Still for sale? Might be interested myself.

yeah… havent had any offers yet… though andrew is also looking for a stereo

you still wanting to get rid of that deck ill take it off your hands need a starter deck for my mustang.

nahhh sold it a few weeks ago