Car Rentals

Are there any other businesses in Prince Rupert besides National & Car 2 go that provide rental services? I am looking to find somewhere that will provide unlimited km but I can’t seem to find anything. I rented with National in 2011 in Rupert and received unlimited km, but when I call now to book a car they told me that they no longer offer that.

My lady and I were wondering if there would be any problem renting a car in Alberta , we are going to Jasper by train but we wish to do some exploring while there ?

renting in alberta seems to be easier than bc in my opinion, their also a lot more open minded, some companies allow you to rent from once city and allow you to drop the car off in another city. I live in Calgary, renting a car here is cheap and super easy to do…WITH UNLIMITED KM WITHIN THE PROVINCE!

Renting a vehicle in Alberta is OK, but you’ll be hard pressed to find a vehicle that’s not a pick-up truck.

Oh yeah, avoid Dodge vehicles regardless where you get it from.