Car ran over at libary

so I just came on to this just after it happened a truck ( rig) going to pull out from 6 west to Mcbride took a wide turn and this lady in the blue car pulled up beside the truck thinking it was going to go straight ended up getting ran over, no one was hurt here are some pics

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

i saw that after it was already over, the car was on a car carrier. with the damage done to it it was hard to try to picture what had happened, but now i understand, thanks. looks like the lady was entirely at fault, wadda you think? hey astro, got an off subject question. that place i saw the wolves yesterday, you think they are still hanging in that area? thats where i like to walk my pup in the evenings, what are the odds of running back into them? i know there is no way to know for sure, but i figure with your experience your opinion is most likely more educated than mine, thanks in advance.

yes chris the wolves are using the park trails to go from one end of town to the other, Im sure though the wolves will not be around there for abit wolves on average travel 25 miles a day. they been seen behind mnt hays and over at the end of 11 east down to the sea plane base and up to SPCA… not sure if these two are part of the pack or outcasts.

Outcasts? You mean they have a code?

too cool, maybe we should get the movie rights to that one,


“The pack wan’t mean enough for them, so they went out to howl to their own tune”

Starring the Littlest Hobo and Clifford the Big Red Dog as the wolves, and Garfield the cat and Wishbone as the prey.

For those looking for the latest tale of the wolf, The Daily has a letter today saying that a pack were seen near the gravel pit at Seal Cove stalking a lady and her dogs…

So maybe that’s a place to stay away from for a bit…

By the way very cool pics of the car crunch, you should sell them to the Snoozle, unless of course pics on the htmf are like pics of boats in the harbour and available to anyone to put in a paper or on a menu for instance… :unamused:

That’ll buff right out. I bet she tries to blame the truck driver  :unamused:

too funny…hahaha!  :smiley: :smiley:

Do you honestly expect anyone to believe that she was thinking anything?

july 18 at the corner of 6 th ave and McBride street a two-vehicle collision occurred at 4:30 PM. A trator-trailer struck a car and caused $18,000 in damage. The driver was charged for driving without insurance…

I dont know if the was the car driver or the truck driver… hmmm anybody know?

I would guess from the wording that its the tractor trailer driver without the insurance.That looks like a fairly new car, I don’t think you can finance them without having insurance.

You can’t take possession without proof of insurance.  Say for example, that car is 13 months old, it is possible that it didn’t have insurance.  It could still be financed, it’s not like the bank/dealership comes checking every couple of months to check your insurance.

The truck-driver makes his living driving those rigs constantly.  I find it very hard to believe he would be driving without insurance, and it was most likely the car driver who forgot to renew their insurance, much like she forgot trucks like that make wide turns.

i got the licence plate and she had insurance…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Good work…awesome snaps, good story…I dont even bother with the snews anymore…
well occasionally I read the free wed and fri papers but REFUSE to support Conrad Blacks …lavish lifestyles by suporting the snews ona financial basis.

Its appreciated…

I done saw a coyote down at Wainwright today.  T’weren’t no dog and it was pretty small and mangy looking so I assume it was a coyote. 

wolf thats being fed, goes to airplane base too

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