Car Insurance

I upgraded my car to a 2008,  My insurance went from 80$ to 180$ a month.
Does your insurance go up if your still on your N

You should have used GEICO!

When I moved to Alberta I went from paying $110/mo in BC to $420/mo, then $366 and now $312. Same coverage, different vehicle. I was looking at buying an STI or the new EVO X, but insurance would be over $500 a month… Can’t wait to be 25… So for now, and until it doesn’t run anymore, I’ll probably stick with the Pathfinder, even if my insurance is more than half the payments.

In Alberta, your sex, age, driving history and vehicle determine your cost.

Depends on what kind of car it is, and how long you’ve had your license.
You need pretty much full insurance with a new vehicle. Mine is $160/month, just got a new vehicle last November. Had my drivers license for 5 years, with no bad records and I believe I got 25% off my insurance because of that.