Car care

I need to take my auto in for a tune-up & get the brakes checked. Where’s the best place in town to go?

Generally speaking, if the car is fairly new or still under warranty it would be best to take it to a dealer of the manufacturer.
Failing that, i have heard good things about Frank’s Auto. 

And not so good things … went in for a tune up and oil change … $2000 later and my car still is not working  ARRGH! ( Yes I agreed to the work, but I would expect that my car would be working better …)

Try Entire automotive, ive taken my car there for brakes, oil problems and even my turn signal, fixed all of them and prices was good

entire or franks

Yep - I had a more positive experience with Entire over Franks - not that Franks was bad or rude - just that Entire was way better.

I take my car to Entire and Sherman GM.

Entire for almost everything and Frank for those things that Entire cant do…

My vote goes to Entire as well.

I take my car to the friend who may know a hell of alot more then me, I have taken it entire when there is a dollar or two in my bank. Which reminds me the window on passengers side will not go up nor down.

Thanks to all!

Why not try JD Tire in the Industrial Park, very reasonable prices