Car Alarms

Oh man! My car alarm just went off at 3:30am and probably woke up everyone in a 500m radius. This happened earlier this afternoon and I thought nothing of it but yikes, what a headache. Just drove down to an empty parking lot in the middle of this yucky snow/rain/wind storm to see if I could figure out how to disable the thing. NO dice. I did however notice my hood latch wasn’t all the way closed, so that could have been setting it off with the wind, etc… Ended up pulling the fuse and relay for the horn. I can still trip the alarm but it just blinks its harmless lights… muahhaa. I hate alarms.

The weird part is how I just solved my 2 week no-turn-signal issue today, and suspect the new blinker thingy might be screwing with my security system…


Feeling kind of Rupertish out…

04:00 Rainshower 2°C 88%    W 65km/h gust 96km/h


Disconnect ye ol’ battery (-).

cough 4runner cough cough

Hah, I should have bought a Toyota Tacoma instead. My battery wasn’t dead when I got back from Drayton Valley today so I guess the alarm wasn’t going off… I’ll just play it safe WITHOUT a horn for now. The funniest part is my land lady didn’t even wake up and I park outside her window.