Caption Contest #3

“What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!”

The auditions for the Harbour Theatre presentation of Animal House attracted a large turnout…

Jimmy and his girlfriend never questioned why his four friends never called him to go out, nor did he ever get the hint.

“What goes on behind closed doors, stays behind closed doors…That is, unless the door is glass!”

Guy in Back thinking “OMG my friends; had to buy their good time…”
Guy In Black shirt and Pands  thinking" My god my Penis is burning, Just a little scratch."
Big guy thinking  “most likely to die a virgin in year book…haha I think I just got laid”

I was just curious as to how you determine that this is a “contest”.  Does someone pick the best caption after a certain amount of time has passed?  No big deal obviously, I was just wondering.

That’s the best caption yet!

“Little did they know, that behind them, was a serial killer showing off an arm of his last victim.”