Caption Contest #2

I think House was right.  Lupus for sure.


“It’s a great honour to be the new member of the Pips.”[/quote]

…and this is how I like to wave in parades.

“hmmm…wheres Harold…I could really go for some White Castle burgers right about now…”

Whew silent but violent, cough cough

Guy On Far Left
“O K, as soon as this guy shuts up I can go #2 :smiley:

Guy on far left

I swear, if this guy screams again I’ll lose it.

So what if the guy in the middle is a regular 4chan user:

so i herd u liek mudkips?

Ahhhh, shuddup a-you face!!!

Guy on the left (to himself) - “If I hear the N-word one more f*ck**g time, I’m gonna strangle this cracker’s ass!”