Caption Contest #1

It’s either this or another one of those “where is this?” contests…

So here’s Caption Contest #1.  Press the “Quote” button to reply, so that the image is included in your reply.  You can delete these instructions from your post.

Kim Campbell’s career never recovered after that disastrous election.

I may be drunk, but you’re ugly, and I’ll be sober in the morning.

Hmmm, this booger is really tasty… good thing I know how to make my self look deep in thought.

“I now call to order the weekly meeting of WeightWatchers.”

Yep, I’m getting a really good buzz going here.

The Conservatives tried out their latest flavour of Kool Aid on an unsuspecting former leader…

Jane, you ignorant slut. It smells like you still have that damn yeast infection.

As Barb takes a drink she lets one rip and her husband, embarassed beyond belief, pretends to pick his teeth, acting like he never heard it but he knows in his heart of hearts that he is in for a very long and painful night.

I do have to say, Chis J’s caption made me laugh out loud.