Can't handle any more stoopids

I told you about many incidents involving brain dead callers and customers, but I’m getting extremely weary dealing with people dumber than 2 year olds and their computers.
Here’s icing on the cake:
Had a high end Canon MFC come in, they changed the yellow ink and it didn’t print. Tried another cartridge and no yellow. Brought it in, and I don’t have time to pick the damn thing to pieces. Spent an hour and said NFG buy a new one.
Well it was only 13 mos old. The outfit was mad and decided why pay all that dough for something that doesn’t last longer than a $80 Brother. Sold them a Brother.
A week later, the second one comes in. Same thing, no yellow. Did the same routines, no yellow. Sold them another Brother.
Today, girl from the office calls to say the Brother cartridge doesn’t plug in. What cartridge number, a 61? No a Brother MFC290. The cartridge, the thing in your hand not the number over there. Oh a 61… so bring it in we’ll give you a new one.
I come back from a call and the trainee is ROFL and going DUH DUH DUH.
She brought in the cartridge to make sure the new one was “better”. Stoopid bitch didn’t take off the plastic retainer. Like of course it won’t fit in, there’s a big plastic tab sticking up so it doesn’t fit until you take it off. In case you’re TWO and not as smart as my grand-daughter.
So that got me thinking aloud. If she’s so fucking stoopid she can’t figure THAT out, the odds are she’s too fucking stoopid to take the tape off a Canon cartridge and got plastic in the printhead. There’s still one Canon printer in the recycle pile (the other’s gone already) and the trainee pulls it out, sets it up and examines it with the magnifier light.
What does he find? The printhead isn’t the problem. A tiny piece of tape is blocking the contacts on the cartridge chip. He cleans it and PRESTO all is fine and dandy.
She was to stupid to remove the tape, just like we suspected.
And ended up having her employer toss $1000 worth of printers and buy $200 worth of new ones… and makes $20 an hour.

Then the very next issue is a mature student at adult ed learning Access and Simply Accounting. She has nothing but trouble getting email and finding assignments.
Outlook. Outlook Express. Incredimail all with invalid icons (targets missing). Fixed all the targets and opened each to discover a few emails in each one. All for one account. Also noticed thousands of files and directories on the root C drive. Including NewFolder(1) to NewFolder(54) all with assignments in them. How can someone who doesn’t know the very basics of computer use get 5 semesters into a school program? Is she the stoopid or the teachers?

heh heh …another day herbie… those stupid people cause us to go home and have a drink or two, it’s all their fault…hahahahaha

A drink or to, or a bottle or 5, maybe a fresh bag of ground up GREEN!

I thought canon printers came with a nice 5 foot COLOR extra large instruction sheet how to setup and install a printer, isn’t it so easy ? LIKE WTF, take the BRIGHT ORANGE / YELLOW strip off and then put it in the printer, its not rocket science.

I miss working in the computer industry, getting all those free computers and goodies, WAS PRIME!

Ha-ha, funny stuff, herbie! :smiley: