Can't complete high school? Try college

Interesting NYT article…

Great article.

I know a lot of people (me included) who did much better in the post-secondary world than in High School.

I barely graduated highschool and walked through college :wink:

College was way easier, for me at least.  It all depends on who you are as a person, in high school you’ve got people disrupting your class that can hold you back, whereas in college they either don’t show up for class or aren’t in college altogether.

One of the classes I did worst in (68%) in high school I can honestly say that if my friend weren’t sitting beside me I would’ve done much better because we talked so damn much.  Then again, I slept through most of college but still got better marks :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea, school sucks anyway.  School teachers don’t really care about the kids’ success, they are only out to get you.  Show me a school teacher who cares and I’ll be as impressed as if the bball players of the Detroit Pistons won the Stanley Cup. 
College profs are much more nurturing and much more knowledgeable in pedagogy.  After all, lecture style delivery is the best way to learn for all students isn’t it? It must be for this reason (or maybe the settled hormones) that some pupils will do better in college than in school.  Then those same pupils will spend the rest of their lives bragging about how they hated school and the teachers but once they went to higher education, they truly blossomed.  Some will even embark on crusades to reform the school system and make it more useful for the business class and get rid of all the useless subject area like music, drama, history and art because, realistically, how many students will make a career in those subjects?  They won’t see the point of trying to make students know about many subjects and experience different things because if a well-rounded education didn’t work for them, it probably doesn’t work for anyone else.

Must be near the end of the school year, I’m getting cynical :wink:

I dunno about anyone else, but my college english classes were like kindergarten compared to my grade 11 and 12 english classes.  Fill in the blank midterms and finals that took 15 minutes to complete?  How the heck is that teaching me anything?

University was a lot harder for me than high school.  In high school we were given time to practice everythig during class.  That was all it took for me to grasp the concepts.  In university I was totally lost.  We never had class time to do any work and, because I didn’t need to do homework in high school, I didn’t know how to approach studying for my courses.

That must be it :wink: Either that or highschool I was just not interested in what i was doing and college well I already knew the stuff so it was a breeze.