W O W  lucky me just got a call just won a trip to Cancun and then on to Florida . Anyone want to come ??????

WELL!!  Lucky you!!

I also received a call a couple of days ago informing me that I also had won a trip to Cancun…and it asked me to dial 1 (one) in order for me to reply to it.
But I hung up on my prize.
My lost  :cry:

Shit we could have a Rupert reunion because I won the same trip but yes I huing-up on it as well and so did my Girlfriend win one but she hung up, so enjoy your trip and I hope that you find someone to go .

I received another recorded phone call on Monday afternoon (two days ago) joyfully informing me that I won a Caribbean cruise for two; and that I needed to “PRESS 9” to claim my prize.  So I didn’t press anything and just waited to see what would happen and about 15-20 seconds later it said “if you want to be removed from the list PRESS 8” so I didn’t press anything and just waited some more.  About 10 seconds later another recorded message–this time from the telephone company–told me that I had dial an unvalid number and to hang up…so I did.

So, I guess if I want to visit my home Island once again, I’ll have to pay my “billete de avión” myself.