Canadian values?

Harper states that his government represents Canadian core values. Harper likes spending money on prisons. He advocates tax breaks for multinational corporations. He thinks that off shore oil exploration is a good idea. I don’t these things represent true Canadian values.
I don’t agree with his vision of Canada.

So perhaps you should consider a career in politics then. Possibly then you’ll be able to share with us your vast knowledge of canadian values that youve gleaned throughout your extensive travels throughout the country and discussions with other canadians on the subject. Until then its just blah blah blah whine.

Smurfette - i hope you were one of the few who went to the JRP meeting at Chances last night… the hockey game killed the attendance. The JRP is everyone’s chance to be heard as part of the official review for the Enbridge northern Gateway.

If you missed it and want to take part then you can go to another meeting… … n-eng.html

Don’t complain about the final decision if you don’t take part!

Yeah, cause we really have a choice in the first place…

spoken like a person who didn’t bother to show up last night…

interesting quote in your sig… given your opinion on the project.

you might be right - perhaps you can’t influence this project - but if you don’t try… who will.