Canadian soccer

So they held something called the Nutrilite championship game tonight, the Vancouver Whitecaps on the sidelines, but apparently in a good position to win the title due to their defeat of the Toronto FC last week.

As Toronto went into tonights game against Montreal they needed four goals to claim the championship, so soccer being soccer you  would think that the title was all but Vancouver’s as who scores four goals in soccer anymore…

Apparently Toronto does, despite the fact they’ve never scored more than four goals in their history, they win 6-1…

So Toronto wins the championship, going on to play in the Concacaf playdowns, … edule.aspx

Vancouver who were watching in the stands won’t go anywhere it seems.

So either Montreal is like the worst soccer team to ever put on a pair of cleats or Toronto is a remarkable team that showed great dedication to their goal, or… :astonished:

The fix is on!

Well they certainly think that way in Vancouver, though hey considering the history of the game world wide, wouldn’t be the first time that sort of thing could happen eh…

Neil Macrae was quite expressive this morning on CKNW about the “remarkable” turnaround of fortunes for the Toronto Team. … story.html … story.html

Though Bob Lenarduzzi, the Whitecaps President is taking the high road and “giving full credit to Toronto”

And hey after all it is soccer, and Canadian soccer at that, so I guess we can all go back to sleep now… :smiley:

No doubt. I played soccer for 21 years and lived in England for two of those. I love the game and the EPL but often find that the way money is spent in that sport and they way some “fixtures” finish, there is a little fishiness to the whole thing.

Plus, as you said, this is Canada where we have not made the World Cup finals in over 20 years and if they had it would probably as a news item fall behind the Sedin twins taking a bath and a new rouge rule in the CFL :smiley:

Then shouldn’t you be lobbying management to replace the NASCAR feature with an English and World Soccer report? :imp:

I wouldn’t want to kill the Golden Caboose Goose  :unamused:

R.I.P Dale Earnheardt snr.

I’m not sure if it was fixed but the Montreal team certainly had most of their regulars on the sidelines for this match.  I read a few Quebec sports websites and most of them state that the Impact fielded essentially their reserve players.  Some also commented that this is bad news for soccer in Montreal.  In a city where the puck is king, pro soccer was starting to become somewhat popular.  Then stuff like this happens and makes the team the laughing stock of North  American soccer.
This is the second time this year that this team embarrasses itself. 
In February, they beat a mexican team 2-0 in the CONCACAF Champions League quarter-final.  It looked promising to make it to the semis.
Then they go to Mexico and get schooled 5-2 (giving up two goals in extra time,)thus losing on aggregates.


Or maybe the teams are, literally, in different leagues.  

Toronto is in a “higher” league for a reason.

But yeah, both Toronto and LA, which have been the most financially successful MLS teams recently, have both been rather shitty on the field.

I’ve tried to watch Toronto matches on TV, but the commentator just makes it unbearable.  And half the time they’re playing on American Football fields.  Really weird.

I hear they’re going to pay more than $200,000 just to put grass over the turf field in Toronto for their Real Madrid game this summer.  $200,000 for grass for one game.  Awesome.

Well you wouldnt want Kaka and Ronaldo to stub a toe on that ole fake grass would ya?

Actually I hear that they may make BMO field a full time grass field, that way they can lure other big time stars to their MSL franchise.

It’s soccer day in Canada on the CBC today, Vancouver plays Montreal in a match in the USL, (Montreal has recovered from their horror show earlier this week they lead Vancouver 2 to 1 with thirty minutes to go) Spain plays South Africa afterwards in that Confederaton Cup thing and Gol TV has a free preview on Starchoice this month, featuring a bunch of teams this afternoon, the names of which I can’t pronounce. :astonished: