Canadian Sacrifice!

If anything were to give way or be delayed further, I would think it is the Canada project first."

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here we go again

here is a simple question to answer if they are building a brand new processing plant, that is a plant to process LNG, where do you think they will get that LNG from? from their own company or on the open market?

, several large LNG export proposals in Canada have been deferred indefinitely, including Shell’s LNG Canada, Petronas’ Pacific NorthWest and Chevron’s Kitimat LNG projects.

shhh…youll make house prices fall


No such news here in Canada. How about all them rail tankers full of propane, good news eh?


hmmmm delayed indefinitely, hmmmmmmmmm, kind of funny since Kitimat LNG was just in the paper and was stating that they were asking for new bids for the plant. now what company that was delaying indefinitely would make contractors spend millions of dollars to re-bid just for nothing?

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Read the first article u hopefuls! It’s not happening!!

With the questions hanging over RAPID, Petronas may be forced to re-think the Canada project.

“RAPID will still come online, it’s just there is a greater financial burden on Petronas now,” said Peter Lee, an oil and gas analyst at BMI Research. “If anything were to give way or be delayed further, I would think it is the Canada project first.”

I did read the article, and you’re just assuming. Who cares. I have heard from legitimate sources that the project on Digby Island will be happening.

Really??? where’s the environmental assessment???

allycat is confused, Gracies_Mom.

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another signing that will help Petronas go ahead

thanks for the post North Coast Review

As quoted
"Clark’s government returned to the legislature Tuesday warning that LNG projects face “unforeseen head winds.”

R the broke!!???

Your link does not work, but that being said did you even read it or are you just making assumptions?

Just u and christy believe! lol

I don’t really care one way or another if LNG happens or not, but there will be LNG export eventually. Neither LNG Canada, PNW LNG and Aurora LNG have stopped with their plans. The facility in Squamish is still pushing ahead. I also don’t take seriously news articles from left wing reporting. Funny how I don’t see you complaining about the Alta gas facility on Ridley which is happening, that means 100’s of propane rail cars on the CN line.

PNW LNG is getting an expedited EA assessment on the new dock location, no public input is required because they are using Canpotex’s dock study


So how come no comments about the propane gas facility being built ?? Oh and “allycat1521” regardless if LNG ever happens billions of dollars have been spent in this province to date and all those who have been fortunate enough to be involved in training programs.

Oh well the LNG getting approved will go a little easier as long as the liberal govt throws money and free training to certain groups , even if that money comes from other groups of the population