Canadian mentions on American shows

So I’ve developed a new hobby while watching TV keeping track of any mentions of Canada on the prime time shows in the USA.

So far I’ve found that Law And Order mention us the most, a couple of times in the early part of this new season, not so much lately.

A few weeks back one of the characters on Jericho picked up one of those snowball trinkets of Niagra Falls, the Canadian side. (It’s a stretch but still gets a point)

Tonight, we made the grade on Las Vegas, at the very end James Caan’s character, some kind of retired CIA spy back at work to clean up an old job gone wrong, uses a Canadian passport to get into Morrocco.

If you’ve seen something Canuckistanish on the US prime time shows drop a reply here.
Be interesting to see how much they like us, really really like us down there…   

I’ve been keeping track on my blog. … 3144025065