Canada's first gold!

YAY CANADA!!!  :smiley:  :smiley:

Congrates for Alexandre Bilodeau In The Men’s Mogul!!!

Thumbs up!

Woot! :smile:

I must say I never heard of him before the Olympics, but seeing how he is with his brother, I am very happy to have him as the 1st Canadian to win gold on home soil!

This is so exciting! Go Canada!!

The curse is lifted!!!  :smiley:

Watch the medal ceremony tomorrow night, rumor has it he will try to sneak his brother onto the podium with him. 


CANANDA?  Don’t you love typos?

Great mogul run for Bilodeau.
I thought the last guy from France did well too but he only finished 6th.  During the run, he looked like he would finish in the top three as well. I guess his jumps weren’t as difficult as others.

And a great run for Jennifer Heil yesterday too.  Moguls are one of my favorite individual events to watch.  It is so intense.

typos are aweeeeesome :stuck_out_tongue:

On his last jump he was suppossed to grab his ski’s (kinda like a snowboarder does) But he just put his hand down - didnt actually grab the ski’s so the jump wasnt executed properly. 

He missed his grab off the second jump, and yesterday during the Women’s Moguls the woman commentating said that the judges would rather see one of the simpler moves done perfectly than the harder moves done badly… so that may have been a factor in his lower score.

They mentioned that while the fellow from France was posting a faster speed, his level of difficulty in jumps and the technical aspects probably would cost him.

Good job for Mr. Bilodeau, nice to shake that medal monkey off the back of our athletes.

What a wicked fast thing that moguls is, yikes, gotta have some serious fortitude to be speeding down that fast and then flying up into the air hopefully to land where you’re supposed to.

Hopefully, it heralds much of the same in the days to come.


Wow…what an awesome sight to watch, Canada’s first Gold on Canadian soil…Congratulations to Alexandre Bilodeau, you are now part of Canadian Olympic history…got goose bumps watching the final run and it was just awesome and very heart pounding…WAY TO GO CANADA!!!..GO CANADA GO!!! :smile:…so PROUD TO BE CANADIAN!!! … +home+soil

Alex Bilodeaux is an example of a great young adult.
With all the talk of how young people act these days, it is awesome to see what can happen to a young man with the proper upbringing.
It has been a long time since I have been so impressed by an athletes attitude.
The passion he showed towards Canada was impressive;moreover, the way he teared up talking about his brother shows that he understands life.

you see the look on the silver medalist he was pissed. he is a canadian too but competed as an australian . supposed to be quite the recluse and a hole. seen a few interviews with him … 5830683994

he hates canada now won’t really say a lot as to why

He did ski for Canada originally, but Canada had a problem with his “controversial” internet business. He went to Australia because they had no problem with his business.
His business has been linked to the distribution of software which causes undesirable side-effects to users’ computers[6], and as The Sydney Morning Herald reports: 'The Herald has followed a trail of digital fingerprints scattered over the web which shows Mr Begg-Smith’s long and rewarding involvement in the distribution of “malicious software” - otherwise known as malware, spyware and adware.'
It has made him a millionaire, but I can see why Canada was not a fan of one of their athletes promoting such a business.

Yeah he’s known in Australia as Spam  man.

His coach said last night he was basically robbed because the judges wanted gave the gold to the Canadian, to his credit at least, he didn’t follow up with his coach’s lead, but hey the day is young.