Canada won't fund missile shield: PM

Canada won’t fund missile shield: PM

Prime Minister Paul Martin said Tuesday he does not believe the U.S. ballistic missile shield will succeed in shooting down incoming rockets, as he threw up new roadblocks to counter President George W. Bush’s strong appeal for Canada to join his continental defence plan.

Canada will not put any money into building the missile shield and it will not allow Washington to station rockets on Canadian soil as the price of participation in the multibillion-dollar program, Martin told Global National in a year-end interview.

In another issue that could cause friction with Bush, Martin said Canada was prepared to accept U.S. citizens who do not want to serve in the war in Iraq.

Eff yes.

Martin has a backbone?

That or Jack Layton finally talked him out of it ? Doubting that though, Paul Martin may have finally realized George W Bush is a saddistic bastard ?

Fucking right, now how about he shows real balls and tells them if they dont stop with the trade wars we will shut their power off.

What do we need that shit for. If they want to bomb us they will.

but no one wants to bomb us. :smile: thats the great part.

They know our true potential. Canada just poses as a halfassed lazy military, when really our secret ops are one of the best in the world. Why havent we heard of them? because they are SECRET… duh.

Oh no, I was counting on that missile shield to shield me from the missiles.