Canada Day Fireworks

Fireworks tonight?  Somewhere?  Harbour?

I want to try photographing fireworks, after reading a big tutorial on how to do it properly.

Fireworks tonight at 10:45 in the harbour.

Excellent.  Anybody photograph the fireworks before?  Where’s a good spot?

Looks like the Canada Day fireworks will not be man-made around here tonight:

We had a lightening yesterday morning and it hit some houses and buildings.  One local business had their gas machine electronics fried as well as debit and credit card machine.  The owner’s office computer was also fried. 
I might turn my off tonight just to make sure.

Now that’s something to get a photo of…

Here’s Jeff Dyck’s great shot of weather in Prince Rupert harbour:

Up here in GP they had the fireworks last night.  Pretty intense amount of fireworks too I might add.  I thought someone was pulling a drive by for awhile. 

As far as I know, they are setting off the fireworks from either a barge in the harbour, or somewhere on the waterfront.  There was an ad on the back page of the Daily Snooze friday talking about the Canada Day festivities, and said that Mariner’s Park was the best place to watch them from. 

The way the weather has been lately, I’m not sure the sky will be dark enough for fireworks at 11pm.  The last couple days, it’s still been quite light out until midnight.

I’m sure there’d be a wicked view from Mount Hays though :smiley:

Fireworks on Canada Day? It’s either been a while or I don’t remember the last time I’ve seen that.

Dam good display in the Fort last night, it’s the town’s 200th anniversary and they got major grant money to help. It was also so warm kids were still swimming as they set them off at 11:00 pm.

my photos from last night.
did the same thing as you mig read up on how to take firework pictures…

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Excellent!  I didn’t get to the fireworks, unfortunately.  I fell asleep.

Good cause you didn’t miss mush at all. :stuck_out_tongue:  Screecher bombs would have been better.