Can you use chopsticks?

There seems to be a common belief over here that non-Asians can’t use chopsticks. I’m always a little baffled at how people seem genuinely wowed whenever myself or another westerner manages to handle them without impaling themselves or those around them.

But I still have to wonder: am I in the minority, or do most people from back home actually know how to use chopsticks?

I’d also be interested to know how long people have been using chopsticks, and perhaps how and why you learned.

I use them fairly well but only when I am eating chinese or thai food because it adds to the experience. I would miss having a knife and fork if I they were unavailable for some strange reason.

When it comes to eating and the utensils used, I can handle anything.

I use very well, working in a chinese sweat shop, in my early years, I had to learn how to use them or eat with my hands and trust me i didnt realy want to use my hands for eating…

I had sushi for the first time in Campbell River and used chop sticks, not for the first time, but with no problems.  Big stuff is easy, I doubt I can use them for chow mein without practise.

i can rock them for eating rice, or pretty much anything big small or whatevs.  some foods definitely lend themselves more to eating some foods than others… say like delicious 2 kilos of mongolian grill stir fry i got for $4… ok. see you on the other side.

I can master them pretty good.  I’ve still yet to have the same stance on won ton soup tho.

The very first time I experienced Szechuan cooking, with a crowd of ‘older brothers’ from SFU. They insisted to the waiter, no matter how much anyone snivelled, no tip if he brought a knife and fork to the table.
I took me about 1/2 an hour to get hooked. On Szechuan and on using chopsticks for Asian meals.
I only have real trouble with those slimy round snow mushrooms…

Or on a first date, just can’t pick up the rice bowl and rock that rice unless she does first!

I’m gettin’ better with them, but I still suck.

I’ve only used them four, or maybe five times.  So I’m still quite clumsy when it comes to using chopsticks. 

I rock the chopsticks pretty well too.  I haven’t had much practice in the last little while as I have to cut most things up smaller, but whenever I go to Galaxy I usually try to use them for a little while.

I think I started trying to use chopsticks when I was pretty young, as I was still little and cute in a picture where I’m using them… I was probably around 4 or 5.

In Vancouver my aunt also tried the “no knives and forks” at the table while at a sushi place, and all was going fine until one piece slipped and few onto the next table over.  She then ended up jabbing each piece with the chopstick and eating it that way for the rest of the night.

I can use chopsticks, but, I am a bit out of practice.  Like you, smartass, I’ll use them sometimes at Galaxy Gardens, but, I must admit I usually use a fork. :smiley:

forks and spoons are why north americans are fat and chinese people are skinny and strong and smart and glorious! 

I suck the big one. It was pretty much a two hand ordeal trying to shovel sushi into my face.

At school here, I eat everything out of my frying pan with a steak knife. Still haven’t cut myself yet.

If chop sticks were sharpened to a point, I could make better use of them. I don’t eat rice anyway…

When Rupert was still at Galaxy he came over to my table and asked when I was in China. After I’d answered “Never, but I hope to some day,” he said he has relatives that couldn’t handle them as well.
I really gained much of my proficiency because I used them when I went backpacking… less weight when every little bit counts.

I am very good at using chop sticks and both kinds Japanese and Chinese. I learned very fast when we had a Japanese exchange student live with us for a year in Rupert. Chinese sticks are blunt ended and Japanese are pointed or as a few have said sharpened.

  I have tried to use them but I was tired of wearing my food!@@!@!besides I am a slow eater to start with so that didn’t aid me in that area and rice takes so long one grain at a time :laughing: But I like to build campfires and they make great kindling!!! You either need many pairs though or build very tiny fires :smiley:

There great for picking you nose!!!


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