Can you please let me know?

Hey everyone…

I really want to take advantage of the upcoming sales at Kanata and Seal Cove schools when they sell off all the old stuff in them.  I’ve been told that they are happening in November, and that the information will be in the paper closer to when they happen.  No specific date has been set yet.

So, I was hoping that if any of you see the notice in the paper or hear wind of an ACTUAL date, that you would post it on here.



PS, I talked to the guy who’s in charge of the whole thing today, and he’s the one who gave me the information.  I think I called him at his home number (the number I was given by the school board) and I think he was less than happy to receive my call before 10 am, and therefore, wasn’t very helpful.

everything must go?

that would be interesting to check out!! :smiley:

Yeah, I’m hoping to raid the PE equipment and the all the books!

All the good stuff is already gone to the other schools.

Oh, there will be some good stuff!

It’s going to be all crap that none of the other schools around town wanted. Most likely all the books/gym equipment well be gone, same goes for computers and what not.

Come on  where is all the positive thinking here    One mans garbage is another mans gold

All the other schools and teachers have picked through it all, so anything of value has already been carted away to the other schools.

Unless you’re looking for really old textbooks or things like that, of course.

I’m sure there will be stuff that’s good.  I’ve met lots of people who have said that they’ve gone to these sorts of sales before and have picked up some awesome stuff.

I’ve seen some of the stuff, but it’s not really my place to comment.

What kind of stuff are you looking for or hoping for?

Oh, I don’t know… books, smocks, easels, small chairs, balls, belly boards, pretty much anything.  I know there will be SOMETHING that I’ll want. 

Would you know if there are any bookshelves or computer desks?

thanks :wink:

Hey, thredging this up!

So, November has passed, and I haven’t heard anything about the sales… does anyone know anything?

There are a couple of specific things that I really want…

One thing is a low book case to use as a room divider.  They tend to use them in Kindergarten and pre-school classes to sort of make different sections in the rooms.  Also, I need a few kindergarten sized chairs…

Can any of you teachers maybe hook me up with someone who could let me go in and take a look?

I’m pretty sure most of the stuff has already been divided up into the existing classrooms in various schools.  The last I had heard from someone was that most of it was “garbage.”