Can you hear the high pitched sound?

Click the attached mp3 file, can you hear the high-pitched sound in the background?

It’s part of a “youth deterrent” system – apparently only teens are supposed to hear it.

So, can you hear it?  I can hear it pretty plainly and it’s annoying.  My gf is younger than me, and she doesn’t hear it at all.

[original attachment deleted after 2 years]

Nope can’t hear it, neither can my Dad.

I heard a high pitched pulsing sound.

ya just a high pitched pulsing noise. it probably depends on how high of frequency your ears can here up to. its probably on the edge of human hearing.

I guess it all depends on your pc speakers too. If they can only go up so high then it will depend on if you can hear it or not.

Yeah I heard it too.  Once you know it’s there, it’s actually pretty irritating, which I guess the point.

To be honest i kinda hear a pulsin noise and my speakers are loud it is kinda anoying but i dunno i drive with my stereo pretty loud, I head the laughing more then the pulsing. its a diff noise… really i have it on repeat right now for the last 5 min and it’s not really bothering me that chicks laugh is thou.

all I hear is background noise and giggling… I guess I’m over the hill  :cry:

That was easy to hear (suprisingly, since I expose my ears to “damage inflicting” levels every day :confused:), didn’t even have to turn the speakers up to 11. I work with an older guy here, he coudln’t hear it at normal volume, but with the speakers cranked he said he kinda heard it.

It sounds like a television changing channels really fast while on mute.  I can hear it even on the lowest posible volume setting before its off completely.  I can also hear that TV tube sound from outside of houses.

Yeah, I can hear it.  Though I have to say it’s more like I can feel it in my spine, right around my neck.  It’s not strong, but it is annoying.

Now if they make one of those that works on winos, I can sell a pair to every business in town…

They do… it’s called classical music.

I can clearly hear it, even though my ears are abused daily at work.

Well if your like me and your tv’s on but there a black screen, i can hear a really annoyin hi pictched sound.

i have such sensitive hearing that the ultra sonic (or whatever) sound that comes on when you turn on the TV willl wake me up. Im a really light sleeper.

can anyone else hear the toilets flush in the house across the street???

You must be a fun person to stay at a hotel with :smiley:

no…because if you wake me up one too many times, i will beat you sensless

btw…it is now 3:24 AM…i cant sleep…wanna know what woke me up???

…yes, you guessed it…my nieghboors had to pee

I heard on the CBC sometime over the last couple of days that you can now download the mosquito teen repellent as a ringtone.  Kids can download it onto their cell phones so that their teachers can’t hear their phones ringing during class. … Id=5434687

These kids have weird phones – downloadable ringtones, but no vibrate mode?