Can somebody restore the internet please?

Ok, whoever put the “internet icon” in the recycling bin, can you please drag it back onto the desktop?

The Internet is very slow because you deleted that icon.

awwww crap… I deleted it already!!

Dang.  Can we make a new Internet?  I’ll go to the Source and buy a router for Telus. :smiley:

OK - I restored the icon on God’s computer - and things are just blazing along now - maybe CityWest as also finally cut over to their new fibre run to Terrace.

It wasn’t just you guys out there, complaints were rolling in here (we’re routed thru Prince George) since Thursday last week. 4 Meg ADSL were speedtesting at 900-1600 even yesterday.
VoIP was choppy, and even my 10MB line at home (SaskaTel) downloaded at under 100KB from some sites.