Can Microsoft really build a better browser?

Interesting article about the browser wars.  Does anyone still use Internet Explorer?  :smile:

Can Microsoft really build a better browser?

Is this a skill testing question?


Can they, yes. Will they? no.  They aren’t about better they’re about lock in. Apple is no better about lock in though (not talking about their browser).

Exactly.  M$ is being left in the dust by Mozilla and Opera.

They could do what everybody else is doing and make a great browser:

use the Webkit engine and wrap all their Microsoft stuff around it.

They’ve already said they’re going to support the tag in their next version (so much for the Apple-versus-Flash debate).

What do I win when I answer correctly?!!! Respect?

More importantly though, I do miss Mosaic. Now there was a web browser. The crop/cut and paste feature was the best! Spent hours amusing myself at some Italian Art Museum cropping the heads off people (Mona Lisa) and pasting them to goats, horses, and other assorted objects; no keyboard or pull-down menu required!!!  Hours and Hours of action packed fun!!! Where’s the Lynx!!!

Old browsers FTW!  :sunglasses:  I remember when you could put Netscape 1.0 on a floppy disk.  I was in heaven when I first used a blistering fast 14.4 dial-up modem.  :smiley:

There used to be a “Q” O.S. years ago. OS, text editor, GUI, dialer and browser all on one floppy. Must have changed their name, can’t find anything about them anymore.

Does anyone still use Internet Explorer?  :smile:[/quote]

Now that’s funny. Of course they do. Firefox isn’t the be-all-end-all of browsers - I actually can’t stand Firefox - I think the interface is ugly. Seems to me that most virus’ these days excluding those caught from “raunchy” sites are delivered through Limewire or deliberate installation of “blahware” games etc. which gives you a virus.

IE isn’t the be all end all but I’ve seen much fewer problems with IE than with Firefox / Safari / “Other” in the past in network environments (bloated temp directory) and problems with compatibility with websites.

If you use it properly, it works great.  :confused: :smile:

Sure.  Each to his own.  The only time I’ll use IE on a Windows box is to manually run Windows update.  I prefer FF, Opera, and Safari on Windows.  In Linux I mostly use FF and Opera.

Funny how the browser trolling comes and goes. I miss Lynx.

Actually it’s not, it still owns more market share than Mozilla, and Opera isn’t even at 3 percent.  Now a lot of that has to do with IE being part of Windows.  Hell Chrome is the fastest growing browser at the moment.  But IE is losing ground but not a lot it’ll be in the lead for quite a while.

Hello, my friend:)  Yes.  You’re right.  As a Linux fanboi I do enjoy a bit of exaggeration from time to time.  I do know that M$ is still the dominant force in the browser wars.

Browser wars

The other browsers continue to gain market share.  In my opinion there are better choices out there than IE.  Competition is a very good thing.  As the bar is raised M$ works to improve their browser.  Everyone wins.  :smile:

Here’s HTMF’s browser stats from the last couple of weeks:

I’m about 60% Safari, 40% IE . My son still gives me a hard time over using IE at all on my PC but I was using Firefox a few years back and got tired of it. Maybe it’s time to start using again but I’m a creature of habit I suppose.

That’s the reason IE is still on top; many don’t want to switch from what they know and are comfortable with.