Can anyone tell me the name of this movie?

Did anyone ever see this teleplay it was really good but I have no idea of the name of it or the stars in it:

The president and Secret Service are grounded in a snowstorm and have to seek refuge in a mid-west roadside cafe. Terrorists get hold of nukes that France sold to Libya and threaten to launch against major cities in US and Europe if their demands aren’t met.
THere’s only a customers cell phone, the payphone on the wall an a TV set turned to the developing news, and the president must relay orders from the cafe while the crisis plays out.
All sorts of little dramas happen re the customers and the president’s threat to retaliate against Baghdad (or whatever the terrorists home country’s capital was) and the threat of nuclear war.
In the end they launch the nukes, but the USA actually sold them to Libya thru the French with backdoor codes in the warheads. The warheads just made dents in the buildings they hit, but the president had to keep his word so it ended with a mushroom cloud over the Arab city and the B2 flying home. Oh yeah the pres had to talk the B2 crew through it.

It was shot in black&white with 60’s style camera angles a la Orson Wells/Rod Serling and was really excellent. Looked like a PBS shoot or something. Anyone know the title?

IMDB Listing for Deterrence

Deterrence (1999)
Directed by Rod Lurie

Writing credits (WGA)
Rod Lurie (written by)

Genre: Drama / Thriller (more)

Tagline: Every President has a defining moment. Walter Emerson is about to have his.

Plot Outline: The President of the United States must deal with an international military crisis while confined to a Colorado diner during a freak snowstorm…

Hey, Sean Astin is in it! And all in all, it sounds pretty interesting.

Thanks. I have been wondering since I saw it a few years ago. It was not bad at all.