Camping places

I like it out at Kasiks, Kloya bay is nice, if you have a boat or kayak I hear the salt lakes are cool…

There are lots of places out there if you have access to a boat. Do they open the gate to Exstew anymore? That place was pretty good.

I was out there last year…the road was a bit bumpy, i did go camping last year out at work channel and was surprised the roads was good out there. i also hiked in to green river forestry road and camped out at the first lake… good for fishing trout…

Awsome, thanks guys, i’ll go check some of those places out  :smiley:
Have an awomse weekend, im out :smiley: :laughing: :wink:

I always liked the forts. The one near Ridley, waaaay up on the hill.