Camera Forums?

Does any one know of any good camera forums i can snoop around on ? Id like to learn more about my camera and read about what others do to take neat and interesting photo’s. Any one got any ideas ?


Well, I’ve found that one great way is to look at the photoblogs of other really good photographers and read the comments they receive.  Then start one of your own, leave comments on theirs and ask them to check yours out and leave comments.

This is good in two ways.  First of all, you get to see what others are doing and learn about their techniques and ideas, not just read about them and have to imagine.  Secondly, you’ll get feedback on your photos which will help you get better.

Just about any photoblog in the shutterchance community is good.  A few I’d recommend are,, and  These are all excellent photoblogs, and they all give really good, helpful comments.

Oh yeah, mine’s if you wanna check it out.  I haven’t updated it in about a month, but I think I will add a few more shots sometime soon.

One more thing.  If you really want to learn about photography, there are two really good books I’d recommend.  One is called Understanding Exposure and the other is Learning to see creatively, both written by Bryan Peterson and published by Amphoto books.  They’re both written in a very easy to understand style, and they explain all the different aspects of photography, both technical and artistic.  You might even be able to find them in the library, but if not, they’re not that expensive and both available on Amazon.

Happy shooting!

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Well, if you want a better option for photoblogging, you should look into putting up a shutterchance blog.  It’s really easy to use, the images are nice and big, you can reply directly to people who leave comments via e-mail, and it has a spam-bot guard.  And it’s free.

Got a link to  the software ?

i’ll install it…


No need for software.  Just go to and click “get it now” at the bottom right-hand side of the page.  Then sign up, and you’re all ready to go!

Done :smiley:


Just browse through there and read posts and you’ll be bound to learn something.  As far as learning techniques goes, check and read the Learn section.  Also, head to the library and pick up books, whether technique books or photo books where you can just stare at the photos and learn from what you see.

If you’re looking at photos.  Ask yourself, what makes this photo good?  How was this photo shot?

I just updated my photo site the other day,

The forums at have a ton of people posting and I’ve found them to be a wealth of information.