Calling from the coast

As I have stated on other threads, my vote is committed.  However, I just watched the video “BC for sale”, and think that others would find it interesting viewing as well.  You can access it in at least three ways:


Gary Coons facebook site.

I suspect you won’t find it on Herb’s facebook site.

I recommend it for everyone, including those who argue from the other side of the political fence.

Hey teacher,

I don’t want to steal your thunder or anything, but Mig started a similar thread a few days ago: … 313.0.html

There had been a small discussion, which has since died down, but you should swing by and share your two cents.

I haven’t seen that yet.  Thanks teacher, I’ll go have a look.

I would particularly recommend which has links to other videos including LIBERALS SUPPORT HUNTING GRIZZLIES FOR SPORT, a rather disturbing film about the government’s encouragement of trophy hunting of bears, including in the “Great Bear Rainforest” and other “protected areas” where as it turns out the bears are not protected. It would be interesting to hear candidate Pond’s views on these matters. 

Eccentric.  Thanks (I had missed the other thread).  However, as the election closes in, it doesn’t hurt to revive important issues even if they have been seen by some.  They haven’t been seen by all (as myself and hitest acknowledge).

As for the ‘rental’ argument…sorry, I’m not buying that for a moment.  40 years, with right of first refusal, is more than enough time for permanent damage to be done.  Besides, how stellar is the Liberal record at contolling the damage done by open net fish farms?  Ask Alexandra Morton. 

The Liberals like using the word lease.  That’s what they have called the 999 year “lease” to CN rail.  They have even tried to claim that the rail beds aren’t part of the deal.  It’s all smoke and mirrors to me.  More on BC Rail (much, much more), but probably not until after the election.  Too bad, I say.

who cares lease rent sale of BCRail, if anything it has helped Prince Rupert, CNRail no longer has to pay a carriage rate to BCRail since they own the line now, without that happening no container port for Prince Rupert, CNRail would not have invested the money nor would Maher for that matter without the sale of BCRail to CNRail

Well, apparently a criminal court cares about the BC Rail sale.

Heh-heh, well-said.  True! :smile:

Yes the court does care and guess what the losing company OMNITRAX was involved not CN and also it was assistants that were charged not The Premier or any MLA

The Ministerial assistants were appointed by cabinet; they were not regular civil servants. The allegation is that, after CPR dropped out because it felt the bidding process favoured CN, OMNITRAX was offered a ‘consolation prize’ on behalf of former finance minister Collins to stay in the process to maintain the appearance of a competitive bidding. 

The ad for the video often comes up in the google ads at the bottom of the page.

the allegation was influence peddling, and at the time i think the media said something about drug trafficking to, the assistants were trying to influence the process for Omnitrax which nobody in government knew about other wise they would have been charged as well, and maybe that bone to Omnitrax was due to that influence peddling

Well, the drug-trafficking thing is new to me.  Justin Case posted a link to this story in another thread:

The thing about the BC Rail case that has given it such traction is this:  If it was just about three bureaucrats exercising too much discretionary muscle, then they would have been fed to the wolves long ago.  The government, through its supposedly neutral special prosecutor (Berardino) has been dragging out the disclosure process for five years (through two elections).  Why?

When the NDP released the 8000 pages of documents obtained under FOI, suddenly we find that Campbell’s closest advisor, Kinsella, was working both sides of the fence between CN and BC rail, for big (public, taxpayer) dollars.  He now says he never talked to Campbell about it.  Is there anybody who really believes that, given their long term political relationship?

The Liberal party line on this is two-fold.  (1) It’s before the courts, so we can’t talk about it.  (They can.  The subjudice pretense was thoroughly dismantled by a number of legal experts). (2) Who cares?  Nobody is interested.  It’s too complicated for the media to cover it.

Well, guess what?  Among the media figures who have weighed in on this lately, with some energy, are Vaughan Palmer, Micheal Smyth, Gary Mason, Les Leyne.  Yesterday, even the right-wing biased National Post suggested this might be an election turning issue.  My conclusion from that is that many, many people have availed themselves of extensive internet chatter, and most have concluded that where there is smoke, there is a considerable fire.

Campbell’s refusal to even acknowledge the question in last night’s debate suggests he is running as fast as his little legs will carry him…

I find it really strange that the Ontario media seems to be more interested in covering the BC Rail scandal than BC media.

Well most of the BC media is owned by the Ontario media so perhaps its just a case of head office doing the work. :smiley:

the drug related charges were brought up a few days after the raid, think they were dropped

and again the ppl responsible for the influence peddling should be charged and prosecuted, but again no elected government official has been charged, so if they don’t want to talk about it so what, i’m sure everything will come out in the trial, but don’t forget without the sale Rupert would not have benefited from it, now if someone can bring up any evidence that the elected government officials benefitted from the sale then they should produce it and charge those ppl after all the last time an elected official was officially charged was Glen Clark then those charges were dropped and look at him now he is a capitalist

How are those connected or relevant?

Thats the Lib spin fer shur

and what was the NDP spin when the only MLA charged with anything was Glen Clark who was lobbying for a friend of his to get a casino who had a criminal record and didn’t disclose that he knew him or that he received a benefit from him for the lobbying?