Calgary Flames

They sure are performing very well in these playoffs. Sure they’re no Oilers or eugh Canucks, but they’re still kicking ass!

Turns out Alberta’s a really neat place to live, minus the Mountains. There’s a Construction Boom happening in Edmonton rightaboutnow and there’s more jobs than there are workers. The wages for these jobs are really good too, being as how the companies have to treat their workers right, otherwise their employees will walk down the road and start working for the competitor if they’re unhappy.

I’m building Bridges for Alberco these days ( and since starting work for them I’ve already been offered two other jobs (one of them was building an Old Folks Home, the other working at a new Sobe’s… each of these jobs a 4 minute walk away from my place and across the street from each other). There’s endless opportunity for employment in these parts.

So come to the Wild Rose Country and fill your pockets! :wink:

Oh… and gas is only $0.88 :unamused:

yah the flames are kicking royal ass lately! i hope they win the cup, whats up with Ignila? i swear ive never seen that guy mad… ever interview he has hes smiling and laughing… class act guy. Isnt there like mad winter storms in alberta right now? Gas prices here suck right now!!

It was snowing and -2 in Calgary yesterday.

There’s no snow in Edmonton, but the weather is pretty chilly.

The plus side is that SPARKZ VODKA is selling 4 Cans for $4.00!

$19.94 never got me so drunk?

Calgary Asst Coach Jim Playfair is from the Fort, and I guess I can forgive them for trashing the inept Canucks and jump on the bandwagon. The local Chamber of Commerce came in and we printed a ****load of 8x14 flags to paste on every window in town. We’re also going to hang a Flames banner across the highway, and make Jim bring the Stanley Cup to Fort St. James WHEN they win it!
It will be one big party here. We even have a silly online poll:



Tsk Tsk Tsk :unamused:

TNT is going at 15 cans for $11.49!

Fill your fridge :astonished:






That’s 17th ave in downtown Calgary after any game Calgary wins :smiley:

yeah man i hear it gets very crazy.