Cable guide and media centre

Anyone out there running city west cable through Media Centre on XP? Trying to find the correct listings to download and of course citywest isn’t an option so I thought I’d see what others are doing.

oh… nevermind changed settings some more and found it. cable not satelite duh!

cable with media centre ? i have my pc to my tv to access my pc thru my ps3 but accessing your cable what does that do? can you copy shows to the pc?

I have a tv card in the PC and use Media Centre to control the Cable box. I can record any program no problems straight to my PC. It’s pretty slick and only limited by the size of the harddrive.
I’m sure Databoy or Kaien printer can get you set up for not alot of money.
Or if you’re more computer literate than I am you can buy the card and install it yourself
Saves buying a PVR and gives an extra monitor to watch TV on.

hmm i have 2 pvr’s . but i’ll have to try that with that in the new pc . then i can watch my tv shows wherever i want

Yup you can. Watch 'em live and rewind even. I love being able to quickly rewind to catch stuff I missed.

Is this digital cable directly into your computer, or is it analog into the computer?

Cable into the box then audio/video cables into the PC. I could also run the cable into the box and then into the PC but I prefer to use l/r Audio and visual - might try S-video for the video but haven’t yet.
No High def. I’m to cheap for that but if you had a high def box and a high def PC you could run it that way as well.

I discovered I could get high def TV by just putting my glasses on once in a while. lol

can you do this is you have starchoice/shaw???

I’m techno-stupid so bare with me  :smiley:

Yup, I had been using the satelite before.